Prof. Yu-Wu Zhong

Key Laboratory of Photochemistry

Institute of Chemistry

Chinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone:  010-62652950 
Address:  2 Bei Yi Jie, Zhong Guan Cun, Beijing 100190
Postcode: 100190

Research Areas

Organic Chemistry -- pai-conjugated materials

Inorganic Chemistry -- functional transitiona-metal complexes

Electrochemitry -- electro-active materials and electropolymerization


Ph.D. 2004, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Bachelor 1999, Nankai University


2004-2006, Postdoc, the University of Tokyo with Prof. Eiichi Nakamura

2006-2006, Postdoc, Cornell University with Prof. Hector D. Abruna

2006 to present, Professor, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Honors & Distinctions

2009, receipent of the "100 talent" program of CAS

2015, receipent of the China Electrochemistry Youth Award

2016 to present, associate editor of RSC Advances



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Research Interests

Organic and Organometallic Optoelectronic Materials

Optoelectronic-Functional Transition-Metal Complexes

Molecular Electronics

Electroactive Molecular Materials