Li Yong Ph.D. Institute of Subtropical Agriculture
Telephone: 0731-84615291
Address:  Mapoling, Furong District, Changsha city
Postcode: 410125

Research Areas

The farmland ecological system of water - carbon - nitrogen - phosphorus substance circulation and subtropical regions of the nitrogen phosphorus pollution control

Study on greenhouse gas emission of subtropical ecosystem and the effect of regional climate change on agriculture and its adaptation;

The relationship between the ratio of soil C:N:P and agricultural productivity


1998-09--2002-07 PhD in philosophy, the University of Melbourne   
1989-09--1992-07  Master of Science, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences  

1985-09--1989-07 Bachelor of Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural University


Work Experience

2009-07~Now, Researcher of the Institute of Subtropical Agricultural Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2003-07~2009-07, Researcher of the University of Melbourne. 
Assistant Research Fellow of Nanjing Institute of soil science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.  

Teaching Experience

Watershed environment and mathematical model      

 Scientific paper writing       ​

Advanced methods in Soil Science



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