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1、电子显微学。参考书目:<Transmission Electron Microscopy: A Textbook for Materials Science> by David Williams and Barry Carter

2、固体理论。参考书目:《固体物理学》by 黄昆。


2006-08--2010-08   Lehigh University   博士
2002-08--2006-07   清华大学   学士


2012~2015, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Staff Scientist
2012~2014, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Wigner Fellow
2010~2012, Vanderbilt University/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 博士后




  • 2016      入选自然科学基金委“优秀青年基金”
  • 2016      入选中国科学院“率先行动”百人计划
  • 2013      Best Paper Award, <Microscopy and Microanalysis>,  Microscopy  Society of America (MSA)  
  • 2013      中组部第四批青年千人计划
  • 2012      Eugene Wigner Fellowship, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA  
  • 2012      The Albert Crewe Award, the most prestigious physical science post-doc  award given by Microscopy Society of  America (MSA)  


For a complete list of publication, please refer to my Research ID or Google Scholar:



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Prof. Sokrates Pantelides (Vanderbilt University); Prof. Stephen Pennycook (National University of Singapore);Prof. Pulickel M. Ajayan (Rice University);Prof. Jun Lou (Rice University);Prof. Kian Ping Loh (National University of Singapore);Prof. Ding Ma (Peking University);Dr. Kazu Suenaga (AIST, Japan);Prof. Zheng Liu (Nanyang Technological University);Prof. Qihua Xiong (Nanyang Technological University);Dr. Juan-Carlos Idrobo (Oak Ridge National Laboratory);Dr. Andrew Lupini (Oak Ridge National Laboratory);Prof. Hongjie Dai (Stanford University);Prof. Jing Kong (MIT);Prof. Christopher Kiely (Lehigh University) 


Dongdong Li, PhD Candidate, School of Physical Sciences, UCAS

Yunli Da, M.S. Candidate, School of Physical Sciences, UCAS

Yong Zhu, M.S. Candidate, School of Physical Sciences, UCAS

Chuang Gao, M.S. Candidate, School of Physical Sciences, UCAS

Xiaoxu Zhao, PhD Candidate, NUS Graduate School of Integrative Sciences & Engineering, National University of Singapore. Co-supervised with Prof. Kian Ping Loh. 

Junhao Lin, Ph.D. in Physics (08/2015, Vanderbilt University). Now a JSPS Fellow at AIST Japan. A finalist for 2014 World Technology Awards, a recipient of an MRS Graduate Student Award, Microscopy and Microanalysis Student Award, and 2015 ORNL Individual Award-Graduate Student Researcher. Co-supervised with Prof. Sokrates Pantelides (Junhao did a joint experiment-theory thesis).