Chao-Wei Tsai

Professor and Senior Research Scientist


Address:     National Astronomical Observatories, CAS

                   20A Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Post code:  100010

Research Areas

1) Extreme star formation activities and star cluster formation

2) Active galactic nucleus - black hole accretion and AGN feedback

3) Dwarf galxies in the local universe

4) Supermassive black hole mergers at intermediate redshift

5) Hyperluminous galaxies at high redshift

6) Applicaitons of machine learning on the astrophysical studies


2000-09--2009-09    University of California, Los Angeles            Ph.D. in Astronomy 

1998-09--2000-07    Nat'l Central University                                 M.S. in Astronomy 

1994-10--1998-06    Nat'l Taiwan Univerisity                                 B.S. in Physics


Work Experience

2018-10~present,       National Astronomical Observatories, CAS,     Senior Research Scientist 

2016-02~2018-09,      University of California, Los Angeles,               Assitant Researcher

2012-10~2016-02,      NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory,                     NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow

2009-09~2012-10,      IPAC, California Institute of Technology,           Postdoctoral Scholar

Teaching Experience

2008 Summer,            University of California, Los Angeles,               Graduate Student Instructor

2005 - 2008,               University of California, Los Angeles,               Teaching Fellow

2003 - 2005,               University of California, Los Angeles,               Teaching Assistant


2020              Natoinal Science Fundation General Program 

2018              Pioneer Hundred Talents Program (Technical Expert category), 

                      Chinese Academy of Sciences

2016              NASA Group Achievement Awards, WISE Hot Dust Obscured Galaxy Team

2012              NASA Achievement Awards, WISE Science Data Center Team 

2012 - 2015   NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellowship, 

                                                      at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA/Caltech

2011              NASA/JPL Team STAR Award, 

                         for contribution to NASA Wide-field Infrared Explorer Team at IPAC, Caltech 


(55) Yi Feng, Di Li, Zheng Zheng, & Chao-Wei Tsai “Supermassive binary black hole evolution can be traced by a small SKA pulsar timing array”, Physcial Review D, accepted [arXiv: 2005.11118]

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Selected Conference Presentations

(1) "The Current Status of the FAST", CHANG-ES International Workshop on CGM Science Frontiers, Nanjing, Chao-Wei Tsai et al., 2019-05

(2) "Identifying Outlier Galaxies Using Multi-Wavelength Databases", The 5th Workshop for Australia-ChinA ConsortiuM for Astrophysical Research, Melbourne, Chao-Wei Tsai 2019-04 [invited]

(3) "Super-Eddington Accretion in the Most Luminous WISE Hot DOGs", East Asia Active Galactic Nucleus Workshop, Taipei, Chao-Wei Tsai, 2019-01

(4) "AGN Feedback in the Host of Hyperluminous Hot DOGs", 2018 TMT Science Forum, Pasadena, Chao-Wei Tsai, 2018-12

(5) "The Hunt for the Most Luminous Galaxies with WISE", Nedfest 2017, Los Angeles, Chao-Wei Tsai, 2017-08 [invited]

(6) "Mid-infrared [Ne II] Imaging of Young Massive Star Clusters Near Galactic Nuclei", IAU 22nd General Assembly, Honolulu, S.C.C. Yeh, Chao-Wei Tsai et al., 2015-08

(7) "Discovery of the Most Luminous Galaxies in the Universe with WISE",  WISE at 5: Legacy and Prospects, Pasadena, Chao-Wei Tsai, 2015-02 [invited]

(8) "WISE Discovery of Very Red Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies", AAS 219th Meeting, Austin, Chao-Wei Tsai et al., 2012-01

(9) "WISE Discovery of Hyper Luminous Galaxies at z=2-4 and Their Implications for Galaxy and AGN Evolution", Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe, Hualien, Chao-Wei Tsai et al., 2011-10

(10)"Local SFR Indicators in Nearby Galaxies Using WISE Bands", Through the Infrared Looking Glass: A Dusty View of Galaxy and AGN Evolution, Pasadena, Chao-Wei Tsai,   2011-10

(11)"High Resolution Radio Maps of Four Nearby Spiral Galaxies", East Asian Young Astronomers Meeting, Kiyosato, Chao-Wei Tsai et al., 2006-02

(12)"SCUBA observations of Luminous Infrared Galaxies", Conference of``The Physics of Galaxy Formation,'' Tsukuba, C.-Y. Hwang & Chao-Wei Tsai, 2000-07

(13)"Deconvolution of local surface response from surface topography in profilometry by a dual-scan method", Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, Baltimore,,  Chao-Wei Tsai et al., 1999-05

(14)"Deconvolution of Local Surface Response from Surface Topography in Optical Prolometry by a Dual-scan Method", International Photonics Conference'98, Taipei, Chao-Wei Tsai et al., 1998-12


California Institute of Technology; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Los Angeles, University of California, San Diego; University of Leicester; University of Diego Portales; University of Cape Town; Peking University; Nanjing University; Yunnan University; Shanghai Astronomical Observatory; Academia Sinica, Taiwan University; Central University