Changtong Luo, PhD, Associate Professor 

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

State Key Laboratory of High Temperature Gas Dynamics (LHD),
Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Email: luo{at} 

Academic Homepage:

Research Areas

Global optimization, computational intelligence, genetic programming, numerical algebra, computational fluid dynamics, and their applications in high-temperature gas dynamics


  • 2003.9 - 2007.7, Institute of Mathematics, Jilin University, doctoral student, Major in Operations Research and Control Theory
  • 2001.9 - 2003.7, Institute of Mathematics, Jilin University, master student, Major in Operational Research and Control Theory
  • 1993.9 - 1997.7, Department of Mathematics, North-East Normal University, Major in Applied Mathematics, undergraduate student


Research Experience
  • 2012.1 - now, Associate Professor, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 2009.6 - 2011.12, Assistant Professor, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 2007.9 - 2009.4, COE Researcher, Department of Computational Science and Engineering, Nagoya University, Japan
Teaching Experience
  • 2002.1 - 2003.12, Lecturer, Jilin Architectural & Civil Engineering Institute
  • 1997.7 - 2001.12, Assistant, Jilin Architectural & Civil Engineering Institute

Honors & Distinctions

  1. Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research group of shock tunnel for duplication of hypersonic flight conditions, 10 of 17, 2016
    中国科学院杰出科技成就奖,复现高超声速飞行条件激波风洞研究集体, 10/17, 2016

  2. Best Presentation Award in Algorithm, Crude-Line-Search for Iterative Optimization Methods, International Symposium on Frontiers of Computational Science 2008 (FCS2008, Japan).



  • M.S. Yang, C.T. Luo, Optimization: Theory, Method And Software (in Chinese), Science Press, Beijing, 2006.
    阳明盛,罗长童,最优化原理、方法及求解软件, 科学出版社,2006.

Journal Papers

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Conference Papers

[1] B.Yu, C.T. Luo, and Y. Zhang, Studies on Complicated System of Inequalities with Possible Inconsistency, Frontiers Science Series, 49, pp. 147-148, 2007.

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Postgraduate Students

Chen Chen (陈辰), enrolled in Sept. 2015, entitled master's degree  in Dec. 2017.

Zheng Chen (陈正), enrolled in Sept. 2018, under supervising.

Shuai Li (李帅) , enrolled in Sept. 2019, under supervising.

Recruitment of Postgraduates

080103 - Fluid dynamics (Aerodynamics, Shock Wave and Detonation Physics) 

070105 - Operational Research and Cybernetics (Optimization Theory and Algorithm) 

070102 - Computational Mathematics (Computational Intelligence)