Prof. Dr. Liang Cheng

CAS Key Laboratory of Molecular Recognition and Function

Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

P.O. Box 2709-24, No. 2 Zhongguancun North 1st Street

Beijing 100190, China

Tel: +86-10-6194-3102

Fax: +86-10-6255-4449


Research Areas

1) Recognition and modulation of RNA

2) Organic synthesis methodology development


2000-2004 B.Sc. Beijing Normal University

2004-2009 Ph.D Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2011-2014 Postdoc Columbia University (with Prof. Ronald Breslow)


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Honors & Distinctions

  • 2020  Thieme Chemistry Journals Award

  • 2016  CIFAR (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research) Azrieli Global Scholars Program, Finalist

  • 2015  Young Elite Scientist Sponsorship Program by China Association for Science and Technology

  • 2011  Centaurus BioPharma's Annual Outstanding Staff Award

  • 2009  Best Report Award in the 2nd "CCME-IOC & ICCAS-LMRF" Alfa Aesar® Symposium

  • 2009  Excellent Student of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • 2008  Excellent Student of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • 2008  Outstanding Young Scientist Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • 2007  Excellent Student of the Chinese Academy of Sciences