Zhen Zhang  female  Professor  Institute of Chemistry  Chinese Academy of Sciences


Address: No.2 Zhongguancun North  No.1 Road, Haidian District

Beijing, 100190,  China

Research Areas

  1. Ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy on surface/interface
  2. Non-linear Vibrational spectroscopy on surface/interface
  3. Nonlinear-microscopy on bio-surface/interface


2002: B.S., Central Normal University

2009: Ph. D., Institute of Chemistry, CAS


2009-2012: FOM Institute AMOLF (with Prof. Mischa Bonn)

2012-2014: Max-Planck Institute for Polymer research (with Prof. Mischa Bonn)

2014: Senior Visiting Scholar, Assistant Professor, ICCAS

2015: ProfessorICCAS

Research Interests

Using femtosecond-laser based, surface specific spectroscopic and Label-free nonlinear microscopy techniques to understand the structure and dynamics of the molecules at the air/liquid surfaces and the Langmuir monolayer interface. We have demonstrated interface-specific ultrafast two-dimensional vibrational spectroscopy for the first time. We have also shown that interfacial water exchanges vibrational energy extremely rapidly with the underlying bulk phase. Using time resolved linear and nonlinear vibrational spectroscopy to study the structure and dynamics of molecular species at liquid interfaces and the Langmuir monolayer interfaces, and to explore the fundamental, biological processes in the biology system will be powerful



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