Dr. Yongming Han 
Telephone: 029-88329320
Address: No. 10 Fenghui South Road, High-Tech Zone, Xi'an 710075, Xi'an, China. 
Postcode: 710075

Research Areas

My interest focuses on the climate change, the linkage between the very short atmospheric time series and longer sedimentary records of various pollutants, especially on black carbon. I am particularly interested in black carbon in the environment,  its methodology, origins, transport, deposition, and fate, as well as black carbon in various matrices, including the atmosphere, soils and sediments. In addition, I am seeking to reconstruct past atmospheric history of various pollutants such as heavy metals and black carbon, using the long-term sedimentary records. Also I am interested in aerosol and surface particle pollution.




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Peer-reviewed publications in English:
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