Ren'an Wu, Ph.D

Professor of Chemistry

National Chromatographic R&A Center
CAS Key Laboratory of Separation Sciences for Analytical Chemistry,
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP),
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS),
Zhongshan Road 457#, Dalian 116023,
Liaoning Province,

Dr. Wu completed his doctorate in analytical chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Hanfa Zou at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China, in 2002; following with research visiting at Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems (Germany) in 2002-2003 and the School of Public Health at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) in 2003-2006 pursing researches in exposomics and lipidomics on PAHs-protein adducts and choline metabolism with GC and LC Mass Spectrometry.

Now, he is focusing on the systematic characterizations of complex sample systems with “High Sensitivity, High Through-put, High Selectivity, High Resolution” mass spectrometry technologies, methods, instruments and integrated solutions, including: 1) method development of proteomics, peptidomics, lipidomics and low-MW carbonomics etc. with multidimensional coupling of chromatography and mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) systems; 2) the multi-scale sample preparation of complex samples with advance porous micro/nanomaterials; 3) the systematic characterision of molecules including protein, peptide, lipid and low-MW carbon components at the interacting surfaces of diverse micro/nano materials. He has published over 80 papers in the journals such as Angewandte Chemie、ACS NANO、Chemical Science、Chemical Communications、Analytical Chemistry、Nanoscale、Scientific Reports、Carbon etc. He received the 2nd rank award of National Natural Science and the 1st rank award of Natural Science of Liaoning Province of China.

Research Interests

  • 1.Timing and/or in vivo bioanalysis for living systems

    2.Porous materials-based sample preparation technologies

    3.Highly affinity and/or anti-interfering materials

    4.Interactions between biomolecules and nanomaterials


  • 2003-2006, Post-doctoral Research Associate, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.
  • 2002-2003, Post-doctoral Fellow, Max-Plank-Institute for dynamics of complex technical systems in Magdeburg, Germany.
  • 1999-2002. Doctoral Research in Analytical Chemistry, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China
  • 1990-1993  Master in Chemical Enginerring, Zhejiang University of Technology
  • 1986-1990  Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology

Honors & Distinctions

  • 2rd Rank Award of Natural Sciences, The Separation and Characterization of Complex Biological Samples, China, 2012
  • 1st Rank Award of Liaoning Natural Sciences, The Separation and Characterization of Complex Biological Samples, Liaoning Province, China, 2011
  • The recipient of Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Program”, Liaoning Province, China, 2009.
  • 1st Rank Award of China Association for Instrumental Analysis (CAIA) for Capillary Electrochromatography, 2001. 


Representative Papers


1. Yi Zhang, Jiaxi Peng, Zheyi Liu, Hanfa Zou, and Ren’an Wu*. In Situ and Timed Extraction of Cellular Peptides from Live HeLa Cells by Photo-Switchable Mesoporous Silica Nanocarriers. Analytical Chemistry, 2016, 88 (17), 8380.

2. Guiju Xu, Shengju Liu, Jiaxi Peng, Wenping Lv, Ren'an Wu*. Facile Synthesis of Gold@Graphitized Mesoporous Silica Nanocomposite and Its Surface- Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization for Time-of-Flight Mass Spectroscopy, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2015, 7 (3), 2032.

3. Wenping Lv, Guiju Xu, Hongyan Zhang, Xin Li, Shengju Liu, Huan Niu, Dongsheng Xu, Ren’an Wu*. Interlayer Water Regulates the Bio-nano Interface of a b-sheet Protein stacking on Graphene, Scientific Reports, 2015, DOI: 10.1038/srep07572.

4. Yi Zhang, Zhengyan Hu, Guiju Xu, Chuanzhou Gao, Ren’an Wu*, Hanfa Zou*. Elevating mitochondrial reactive oxygen species by mitochondria-targeted inhibition of superoxide dismutase with a mesoporous silica nanocarrier for cancer therapy, Nano Research, 2014, 7,1103

5. Yi Zhang, Zhengyan Hu, Hongqiang Qin, Fangjie Liu, Kai Cheng, Ren'an Wu*, Hanfa Zou*. Cell Nucleus Targeting for Living Cell Extraction of Nucleic Acid Associated Proteins with Intracellular Nanoprobes of Magnetic Carbon Nanotubes, Analytical Chemistry, 2013, 85, 7038

6. Wenping Lv, Ren’an Wu*. The Interfacial-Organized Monolayer Water Film (MWF) Induced "Two-Step" Aggregation of Nanographene: Both in Stacking and Sliding Assembly Pathways. Nanoscale, 2013, 5 (7), 2765 . (Hot Paper)

7. Liang Zhao, Hongqiang Qin, Zhengyan Hu, Yi Zhang, Ren’an Wu*, Hanfa Zou*. A poly(ethylene glycol)-brush decorated magnetic polymer for highly specific enrichment of phosphopeptides. Chemical Science, 2012, 3, 2828.

8. Yi Zhang, Zhengyan Hu, Hongqiang Qin, Xiaoluan Wei, Kai Cheng, Fangjie Liu, Ren’an Wu*, Hanfa Zou*. Highly Efficient Extraction of Cellular Nucleic Acid Associated Proteins in Vitro with Magnetic Oxidized Carbon Nanotubes. Analytical Chemistry, 2012, 84, 10454.

9. Hongqiang Qin, Peng Gao, Fangjun Wang, Liang Zhao, Jun Zhu, Aiqin Wang, Tao Zhang, Renan Wu*, Hanfa Zou*. Highly Efficient Extraction of Serum Peptides by Ordered Mesoporous Carbon. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 12218. (VIP Paper)

10. Hongqiang Qin, Liang Zhao, Ruibin Li, Ren’an Wu*, Hanfa Zou*. Size-selective enrichment of N-linked glycans using highly ordered mesoporous carbon material and detection by MALDI-TOF-MS. Analytical Chemistry, 2011, 83, 7721.

11. Ruibin Li, Ren’an Wu*, Liang Zhao, Zhengyan Hu, Shujing Guo, Xiulian Pan, Hanfa Zou*. Folate and iron difunctionalized multiwall carbon nanotubes as dual-targeted drug nanocarrier to cancer cells. Carbon, 2011, 49, 1797.

12. Zhenbin Zhang, Minghuo Wu, Ren’an Wu*, Jing Dong, Junjie Ou, Hanfa Zou.* Preparation of Perphenylcarbamoylated β-Cyclodextrin-silica Hybrid Monolithic Column with “One-Pot” Approach for Enantioseparation by Capillary Liquid Chromatography. Analytical Chemistry, 2011, 83, 3616.

13. Minghuo Wu, Ren’an Wu*, Ruibing Li, Hongqiang Qin, Jing Dong, Zhenbin Zhang, Hanfa Zou*.Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane as a Cross-linker for Preparation of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Monolithic Columns. Analytical Chemistry, 2010, 82, 5447.

14. Ruibin Li, Ren’an Wu*, Liang Zhao, Minghuo Wu, Ling Yang, Hanfa Zou*. P-glycoprotein Antibody Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Overcomes the Multidrug Resistance of Human Leukemia Cells. ACS Nano, 2010, 4, 1399.

15. Minghuo Wu, Ren’an Wu*, Fangjun Wang, Lianbing Ren, Jing Dong, Zhen Liu, Hanfa Zou*. “One-Pot” Process for Fabrication of Organic-Silica Hybrid Monolithic Capillary Columns Using Organic Monomer and Alkoxysilane. Analytical Chemistry, 2009, 81, 3529.


1  Ren'an Wu, Hanfa Zou. Monolithic Columns in Microscale Separations: Monolithic Chromatography and its Modern Applications, ISBN 978-1-906799-03-8, 215-264, 2010.

2  Ruibin Li, Hanfa Zou, Hua Xiao and Renan Wu. Carbon Nanotubes Methods and Protocols: Chapter 13, Carbon nanotubes as intracellular carriers for multidrug resistant cells studies by capillary electrophoresis laser induced fluorescence.