Dr. Zhengping Hao is the full professor of Research Center for Eco-Environmental Science (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He is currently the department head of Environmental Nano-Materials, RCEES, CAS. He has authored over 240 international journal publications and issued 40 patents for nano materials and pollution control technologies.  Dr. Hao has graduated 26 Ph.D students in Environmental Science & Engineering, and 10 students have received their M. Sc degrees under his mentorship. His research work has been repeatedly cited and highlighted by many important journals. He services the industrial and scientific community, include serving as a referee for more than 20 international academic journals. He attended lots of professional activities and served for government council and industrial consultancy in past ten years.


Research Areas

Environmental science and technology, catalysis science, nanoporous materials, environmental policy research 



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Research Interests

Nano materials, green catalysis, pollution control technologies, hazardous material treatment and environmental chemistry


International Advisory Board of 5th, 6th Asia Pacific Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technologies (2005, 2007)
Co-Chair of the 7th Asia Pacific Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Technologies (2009)


University of Southampton, UK
Leibniz Institute for Catalysis, Germany

Honors & Distinctions

National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar (NSFC), 2007
UniSA Distinguished Researcher Award, 2010