Deqing Zhang  Ph.D. , Research Professor
Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry
Tel: 010-62639355  

Research Areas

Design, synthesis, assembly, structural and physical (electrical and magnetic) investigations of organic spin molecules, organic electron donors for studies of organic magnets, organic conductors and


Fundamental studies of molecular devices such as molecular switch, molecular wire and molecular rectifier.

Preparation, assembly and physical studies of organic/inorganic nanoparticles.


B. S. from Beijing Normal University in 1987

M. S. from Institute of Chemistry in 1990

Ph.D from University of Heidelberg of Germany in 1996


Work Experience

Research-assistant in IC from 1990 to 1993

Ph. D student in Max-Planck Institute for Med. Research, Heidelberg, Germany from 1993-1996.

Research–associate in IC from 1996-1999.

Guest Research Professor in the Industrial Research Institute of Japan from 1999.4-1999.7.

Research Professor in IC; Deputy director of Organic Solids Laboratory in 1999.

Academic advisor of Ph. D students in 2001.



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李艳芳  硕士研究生  070303-有机化学  80032-化学研究所

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