Yuqin Zhang  College of Advanced Agricultural Sciences


Office Tel: 010-53322969

Address: No. 1 West Beichen Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, P.R. China

Post Code: 100101

Research Areas

1. Transport mechanisms of phytohormones.


Phytohormones are small molecules produced in plants in a very low concentration that can move and function as signals. Among them, auxin affects almost all the aspects of plant growth and development, including plants tillering, spike size, and the seed size etc.; abscisic acid (ABA) is a well-known plant stress response hormone that regulates processes such as plant stress resistance and senescence. The most important feature of plant hormones is that they can be synthesized at one site and act at another. The most familiar hormone transport is the polar transport of auxin mediated by PIN. Besides PIN, what other transporters are involved in the transport of auxin and what is the mechanism of ABA transport? We used Arabidopsis and tomato as model plants to identify the transport proteins of plant hormones, especially auxin and ABA, and to dissect their molecular transport mechanisms in different levels among tissues, cells and organelles.

2. To improve tomato flavor.


China is the largest tomato producer in the world. The future direction of tomato development is to improve the tomato flavor. Tomato is a moderately salt-sensitive crop, through moderate salinity or drought, the flavor and quality of tomato could be regulated. Using the forward genetics method, we have generated a tomato genome scale library, the constructed tomato mutant library will provide important genetic resources for breeding new tomato resistance varieties and improving tomato flavor.

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2009.09-2015.07   Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, UCAS. Doctor
2006.09-2009.07   Shenzhen University. Master  
2002.09-2006.07   Liaocheng University.   Bachelor


Work Experience

2022.09-now           University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Associate professor

2015.08-2022.08     Tel Aviv University. Postdoc. Fellow


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