Li YUAN, male, phd supervisor, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
Telephone: 010-82541933
Address: Zhongguancun East Road 55
Postcode: 100190

Research Areas

Computational Fluid Dynamics: Numerical methods for reactive flow, granular avalanche flow, fluid-solid interation,  multimedia flow, incompressible flow 


1982.9--1986.7, Bachelor Eng.,  Beihang University
1986.9--1989.1, Master Eng.,  Beihang University
1989.2--1992.12, Ph.D, Beihang University


1999--present, professor, ICMSEC, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, CAS
1995--1998, associate professor, Institute of Mechanics, CAS

Work Experience

1993.3-1995.4, postdoc, Institute of Mechanics, CAS
1997.1-1997.12 & 1998.12-1999.3, postdoc & visitor, Dept. of Physics, Chinese University of Hong Kong
2003.10-2004.1, visitor, Dept. of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University
2006.8-2006.12, visitor, Sibley School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University
2007.4--2007.5, visitor, Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Teaching Experience
Numerical Methods for PDE II

Honors & Distinctions

3rd class prize in science and technology propgress, 1999, AVIC
2nd class prize in natural science, 2000, CAS



Research Interests

Numerical methods for chemically reacting flow, debris flow, multiphase flow,
incompressible flow, fluid-solid interaction, GPU computing.



何平  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

丁岩  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

张磊  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

滕飞  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

刘伟  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

李彬  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

梁姗  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

吴世枫  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

胡立军  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

徐凯文  硕士研究生  070102-计算数学  

寇振中  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

翟健  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

王艺  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  


王亚辉  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

王云初  硕士研究生  070102-计算数学  

赵昆磊  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

赵刚  博士研究生  070102-计算数学  

刘世伟  博士研究生  070102-计算数学