WuYingyi  male  
supervisor for master degree 
school of mathematical science
Email: wuyy@gucas.ac.cn 
Telephone:  82640442
Address:  school of mathematical science of GUCAS
Postcode:  100049

Research Areas

differential geometry


2005.7-2007.6 Mathmatical School of Peking University
Post Doctor
2000.9-2005.6 Department of Mathematics of USTC
Ph.D. candidate
1996.9-2000.6 Department of Mathematics of USTC
bachelor candidate


2007.6-now  GUCAS
2005.7-2007.6   Mathmatical School of Peking University  
Post Doctor
2000.9-2005.6   Department of Mathematics of USTC
Ph.D. candidate
1996.9-2000.6  Department of Mathematics of USTC
bachelor candidate

Work Experience
2007.6-now  GUCAS
work as a tutor
Teaching Experience

2011-2012 spring                  Riemann Surface I    
2011-2012 autumn                Fundamental of Lie Groups
2010-2011 spring                  Riemann Surface I 
2010-2011 autumn                Fundamental of Lie Groups


1, Qing Chen and Yingyi Wu, Character 1-form and the existence of an HCMU metric, Math. Ann., Vol.351, issue 2(2011), 327-345.
2, Chen, Q., Wu, Y.: Existences and Explicit Constructions of HCMU metrics on S^2 and T^2. Pac. J.  Math. 240(2), 267–288 (2009) .
3,  Chen, Q., Chen, X.X.,Wu, Y.Y.: The structure of HCMU metric in a K-surface. Int. Math. Res. Notices 16, 941–958 (2005) .

Research Interests

extremal Kaehler metric



魏志强  硕士研究生  070101-基础数学