Xiaolin Wei, Prof., Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science


Tel: 86-10-82544232

address: Beisihuanxilu No.15, Haidian, Beijing

Research Areas

Coal or Biomass Combustion, Thermal Energy Utilization


Xi'an Jiaotong University, Thermal Engineering, BS, MS, PhD


1995-Present: Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Acadamy of Science, Post Doctor, Associate Prof., Prof.

2000-2002: Institute of Combustion & Power Plant Technology, University of Stuttgart, Research Fellow of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Teaching Experience

Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics



(1) Effect of HCl on NO Formation during CO/NH3 Combustion in an Entrained Flow Reactor at 1023−1223 K, Energy and Fuels, 2017
(2) Dispersion characteristics of dissimilar materials in a fluidized bed with unevenly distributed fluidizing air, Powder Technology, 2017
(3) The design and main performance of a hydrogen peroxide/kerosene coaxial-swirl injector in a lab-scale rocket engine, Aerospace Science and Technology, 2017
(4) Experimental investigation on the CO2 transcritical power cycle, Energy, 2016
(5) Release of alkali metals during co-firing biomass and coal, Renewable Energy, 2016
(6) Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of CO oxidation with HCl addition, Fuel, 2016
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(8) Skeletal mechanism modelling of n-heptane/oxygen laminar coflow flame structure at pressures, Fuel, 2015
(9) Experimental study on convection heat transfer and air drag in sinter layer, Journal of Central South University, 2015
(10) Performance analysis of a zeotropic mixture (R290/CO2) for trans-critical power cycle, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015
(11) Catalytic Reduction of Nitric Oxide by Carbon Monoxide over Coal Gangue Hollow Ball, Fuel Processing Technology, 2014
(12) Determining the optimum coal concentration in a general tangential-fired furnace with rich-lean burners: from a bench-scale to a pilot-scale study, Applied Thermal Engineering, 2014
(13) Numerical simulation of CO and NO emissions during converter off-gas combustion in the cooling stack, Combustion Science and Technology, 2013
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(16) Effect of H2O Vapor on NO Reduction by CO: Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study, Energy and Fuels, 2012
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(21) Numerical study on NOx/CO emissions in the diffusion flames of high-temperature off-gas of steelmaking converter, Applied Energy, 2011
(22) Estimation of Fluorine and Sulfur Behaviors Affected by Converter Off-gas Dusts, Combustion Science and Technology, 2011
(23) CFD Analysis of Thermodynamic Cycles in a Pulse Tube Refrigerator, Cryogenics, 2010
(24) CFD-DEM Simulation of Three-Dimensional Aeolian Sand Movement, Science China (G), 2010
(25) CFD Analysis for the Reynolds Stress and Collision Force of Particles near the sand bed, Particuology, 2010
(26) CFD Study of a Sudden-expanding Coal Combustor Using Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange Models, Fuel, 2010
(27) Study on Peak Overpressure and Flame Speed in Gas Deflagration in the Tube with Obstacles, Science China (E), 2010

Research Interests

Coal or Biomass Combustion, Thermal Energy Utilization



张春霞  硕士研究生  080103-流体力学  

王阳  博士研究生  080103-流体力学  

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赵京  博士研究生  080103-流体力学  

张玉锋  硕士研究生  080104-工程力学  

Honors & Distinctions

2018: Special government allowances of the State Council