Contact Information
诸葛蔚东 Weidong Zhuge, Ph.D
Department of Journalism and Communication

Address: 19A Yuquan Road, Beijing, China
Postcode: 100049

Work Experiences

Professor Zhuge Weidong joined the Department of Journalism and Communication, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) in Sept., 2011. Before joining the UCAS, he worked for several organizations, such as the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) from Jul.1986 to Mar. 1991, life weekly from Oct. 1999 to Oct. 2000, Peking University From Oct. 2000 to Sept.2011.
 Professor Zhuge served as a visiting scholar at Programme of Comparative Media Law and Policy at Oxford University in UK, 2012; Department of Sociology, Hosei University from Mar.1991- Apr. 1992, in Japan. 
Professor Zhuge is a senior consultant for Blue Ocean Network (BON TV), BON is known as China’s first privately owned broadcasting channel. 
Professor Zhuge is also member of Editorial Board of Anthem publishing Studies, Anthem Press,UK .


Ph.D., (Jul. 2005) School of Journalism and Communication,Peking University, 
Ph.D., (Apr.1998) Department of Sociology , Hitotsubashi University,

Academic Visits & Conferences

2012(Dec.) Rice University, USA
2012 (Sept.) Faculty of Law, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
2012(Jan.-Mar.)Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy,
                                                                                 Oxford University , UK
2011 (May) Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, 
                                                                                 Oxford University, UK
2011 (Feb.) Waseda University, 
          The Sumitomo Foundation, Japan
2007 (Oct.) Programme of Media Studies,
         Leiden University, the Netherlands
        The French School of Asian Studies
         (The École française d’Extrême-Orient EFEO), Paris
2005 (Nov.) Taiwan University
2005 (Sept.) Symposium on Ninomiya Sontoku, Japan
2004 (Jul.) Nagoya Universiy, Japan
2003 (Nov.) The Japan Foundation, Japan
2002 (Jul.) University of Seoul, Korea
2002 (Apr.) The Kamiyama Scholarship Foundation(Nagoya), Japan
2001 (Mar.) The London Book Fair, UK
1994 (Jul.-Sept.) Skyarc Media Group 
           (Blue Ocean Network ,Bon TV) , USA
1991-1992 Department of Sociology , Hosei University, Japan
1990 (Apr.) The Japan Foundation, Japan

Major Publications

Publication: Zhuge Weidong,Cui shuang, 'publishing industries in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao,' Wang li (ed.) " Embracing China's Publishing Soft Power: Trends, Resources, and Access, ".Leiden: Brill, to be published.
Zhuge Weidong,Liu luolan,Zhang xinwen(2014) 'Riben kexue xinwe baodao tizhi qianxi [Analysis of science news reporting mechanism in Japanese],' Chuanmei [Media],No.10,pp.56-58.
Zhuge Weidong Zhang zengyi (ed.), 'Duochong shijiao xia de xinwe chuanbo. [On journalism and communication from multiple perspectives], Beijing: Science Press, 2013.  
Zhuge Weidong , 'Meijie yu shehui bianqian[Media and Social Change], Beijing: Peking UniversityPress,2006.
Hu Xuanzi, Zhuge Weidong, Li Rui(2013), Yingguo cujin kexuejia yu meity hudong guanxi chutan:yi kexue meijie zhongxin wei li[Interaction between Scientists and Media in UK: A Case Study of Science Media Centre], Science Popularization,Vol.044,No.8,pp.5—11.
Li Rui, Zhuge Weidong, Hu Xuanzi(2013), 'Yingguo tisheng kexuejia meijie suyang de cuoshi yu qishi [Measurements to Improve Scientists’Media Literacy: The Enlightenment from UK], Science Popularization,Vol.045,No.8,pp.40—45.  
Zhuge Weidong(2011), 'Riben diansh meity de zaihai baodao moshi [Disaster reporting model of Japanese TV] ,Duiwai chuanbo[International Communications],No.5,pp.16-17

Teaching Courses

Analysis of Editing Practices
Communication Studies
Introduction to Massmedia
Media Sociology

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