Xiuqin Su, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS (XIOPM)

Email Address:

Corresponding address: Xinxi Avenue No.17, high tech zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province


Research Areas

Her research interest is on signal and image processing techniques. In recent years, she focus on single photon imaging technique, laser non-line-of sight technique and lens-less imaging technique.


1989-07--M.Eng degree in optical instrument, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS (XIOPM)

1986-07--B.Eng. degree in radio teniques, Xian Jiaotong University


1989——Now,  Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS (XIOPM)

1998-10--Visiting Scholar in National Research Council of Canada, information and technology group


From 2012 to 2018:

1.       Wu Min, Su Xiuqin. The design of high performance tracking system based on multi TMS320C6678 [C]// 5th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, Chongqing, China, 2012: 1348-1351. (EI Accession Number: 20131216134086)

2.       Xu Fan, Su Xiuqin. An enhanced infrared and visible image fusion method based on wavelet transform [C]//5th International Conference on Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics, 2, 453-456, 2013. (EI Accession Number: 20140317201777)

3.       Wang Yi, Su Xiuqin. A high-throughout design of CAVLC decoder for H.264/AVC [C]//Applied Mechanics and Materials, 644-650, 2886-2889, 2014. (EI Accession Number: 20145000311475)

4.       Wang Yi, Su Xiuqin. A novel design of high-throughout hard ware implementation for video decoding based on H.264 [J]. Metallurgical and Mining Industry, 2015, 7(9): 696-704. (EI Accession Number: 20154701578992)

5.       Wu Hua, Su Xiuqin. Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy prioritized ordered weighted averaging operator and its application in threat assessment [C]// Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 9141, 16-24, 2015. (EI Accession Number: 20154801602889)

6.       Wu Hua, Su Xiuqin. Interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy prioritized hybrid weighted aggregation operator and its application in decision making [J]. Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, 2015, 29(4): 1697-1709. (WOS: 000364407900039, EI Accession Number: 20154601555839)

7.       Hu Xiaoli, Su Xiuqin, Zhang Sanxi, et al. Videometrics technology of flyers’ pose [C]// Proceedings of SPIE, 9677, 96770V, 2015. (EI Accession Number: 20155201714936)

8.       Wu Yongqing, Su Xiuqin, Hu Xiaoli. Image stitching based on ORB feature and RANSAC [J]. ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications, 2016, 7(7): 1397-1403. (EI Accession Number: 20162702570313)

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11.   Tan Jingjing, Su Xiuqin, Wu Jingyao, et al. Simulation of NLOS (non-line-of-sight) 3D imaging system [C]//Proceedings of SPIE, 10457, 104571A, 2017. (EI Accession Number: 20180204627076)

12.   Feng Xubin, Su Xiuqin, Wang Chen, et al. Research on implementation of an improved finite state machine model in satellite simulated system [C]// Proceedings of SPIE, 10605, 106050Y, 2017. (EI Accession Number: 20181705046999)

13.   Wang Kaidi, Su Xiuqin, Li Zhe, et al. ADRC system of FSM for image motion compensation [C]// Proceedings of SPIE, 10256, 1025604, 2017. (EI Accession Number: 20171703607511)

14.   Wang Kaidi, Su Xiuqin, Li Zhe, et al. Time-frequency characteristics optimal control of fast steering mirror for image motion compensation [J]. Infrared and Laser Engineering, 2018, 47(S1): S120003. (EI Accession Number: 20183705807318)

15.   Wu Jingyao, Su Xiuqin, Tan Jingjing, et al. Study of theory for transient imaging of hidden object using single-photon array detector [J]. Infrared and Laser Engineering, 2018, 47(S1): S122002. (EI Accession Number: 20183705807317)

16.   Feng Xubin, Su Xiuqin, Yan Minqi, et al. Research on optimization method of conventional neural network [C]// 2018 International Confrerence on Electronics Technology, Chengdu, China, 2018: 345-348. (EI Accession Number: 20183105630584)

17.   Wu Jing, Su Xiuqin. Method of image quality improvement for atmospheric turbulence degradation sequence based on graph Laplacian filter and nonrigid registration [J]. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2018, 2018: 4970907. (WOS: 000440427200001, EI Accession Number: 20183205665958)


Recent Conferences:

1. LIDAR Imaging Detection and Target Recognition 2017, 2017, Changchun, China

2. Applied Optics and Photonics China (AOPC2017), 2017, Beijing, China

3. Second International Conference on Photonics and Optical, Engineering, 2016, Xi'an, China

4. 2nd Interational Conference on Image, Vision and Computing, 2017, Chengdu, China



郝伟  博士研究生  080300-光学工程  

向静波  博士研究生  080300-光学工程  

杨小君  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

石磊  硕士研究生  081001-通信与信息系统  

李哲  硕士研究生  081101-控制理论与控制工程  

张乐  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

付同堂  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

李哲  博士研究生  080300-光学工程  

岳鹏  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

吉磊  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

李翔  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

王维  博士研究生  080300-光学工程  

徐志刚  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

谭小兵  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

张顺  硕士研究生  081001-通信与信息系统  

谢立寅  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

蔺辉  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

吴敏  硕士研究生  430109-电子与通信工程  

许凡  硕士研究生  081001-通信与信息系统  

武华  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

吴静  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

王毅  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

吴少博  博士研究生  081001-通信与信息系统  

杨昊元  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

伍永情  硕士研究生  081001-通信与信息系统  

胡小丽  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

王凯迪  硕士研究生  085210-控制工程  

邬京耀  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

镡京京  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

魏朝奇  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

冯旭斌  博士研究生  081001-通信与信息系统  

陈松懋  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

巨春武  硕士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

王凯迪  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

陈培东  硕士研究生  085208-电子与通信工程  


汪书潮  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

陈铁桥  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

王瑞  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

王轩  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

张凯胜  博士研究生  080300-光学工程  

高鹏  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

曹钰  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

王定杰  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

周鹏  硕士研究生  085208-电子与通信工程  

田钰圆  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

刘牧原  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

徐伟豪  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

姚晓鹏  硕士研究生  085400-电子信息  

田园  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

王杰  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

张轩  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

Honors & Distinctions

1. Award special allowance of the state council. (2015)

2. Outstanding returnees of Shaanxi Province (2001)

3. Outstanding researcher of Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS (XIOPM) (2002)