Name: Shengbang Qian
Sex: Male
Nationality: Chinese
Postal Address: Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Phoenix Mountain, East Suburban, P.O. Box 110, 650216 Kunming, Yunnan province , P. R. China
Tel: +86 - (0)871 - 63920488(office)
Fax: +86 - (0)871 - 63920599

Research Areas

Stellar physics, Binary star physics


PhD (1996-1999, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
MSc (1993-1996, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)
BSc (1987-1991, Gui Zhou Normal University)


Professor (Yunnan Observatories, January2001 --)
Editor in Chief of Astronomical Research and Technology (2011 - )
Leader of Middle-aged and Young Academy and Technology of Yunnan Province (2009-)
Member of Committee 25 of IAU (2006-2012)
Leader of the Group of Close Binaries and Variable Stars (Yunnan Observatories, January 2001 --)
Professor Associate (Yunnan Observatories, April 1999 - January 2001)
Professor Assistant (Yunnan Observatories, May 1998 - April 1999)
Research Assistant (Yunnan Observatories, July 1996 - May 1998)

Honors & Distinctions

Main Honors:
(1)Leader scientist of National Science and technology innovation, 2015, by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China 
(2)Chinese National Outstanding Youth Foundation, 2013, by the Chinese National Science Foundation
(3)The first group of "Yunling scholars" of Yunnan Province, 2014, by the Yunnan Province
(4)Government Allowance Prize, 2005, by the Chinese Central Government 
(5)The 1st Prize of Natural Science Award of the Yunnan Province, 2014, by the Yunnan Province
(6)The 1st Prize of Natural Science Award of the Yunnan Province, 2010, by the Yunnan Province
(7)The 2st Prize of Natural Science Award of the Yunnan Province, 2004, by the Yunnan Province
(8)The 1st Prize of Natural Science Award of the Yunnan Province, 2001, by the Yunnan Province
(9)Western Scholars Outstanding Contribution Award of the Chinese Academy of Science, 2008, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
(10)Excellent Supervisor Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2012, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
(11)Excellent Supervisor Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2011, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
(12)LuJiaXi Excellent Supervisor Award, 2010, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
(13)Excellent Supervisor Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2008, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
(14)Excellent Supervisor Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2006, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
(15)The Yunnan Science and Technology Youth Award, 2001, by the Yunnan Government


Prof. Qian has published more than 200 SCI papers, of which 94 SCI papers are published in the form of  corresponding auhtor. There are 62 papers published in the four major international journal of Astronomy, i.e., The Astrophysical Journal, The Astronomical Journal, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Astronomy & Astrophysics.
Representative papers are as follows:

(1) Qian, S.-B., Zhang, J., He, J.-J., Zhu, L.-Y., Zhao, E.-G., Shi, X.-D., Zhou, X., Han, Z.-T, "Physical Properties And Evolutionary States of EA-type Eclipsing Binaries Observed by LAMOST", 2018, ApJS, 235, 5
(2) Qian, S.-B., Li, L.-J., He, J.-J., Zhang, J., Zhu, L.-Y., Han, Z.-T., "LAMOST views δ Scuti pulsating stars", 2018, MNRAS, 475, 478
(3) Qian,S.-B.; Han, Z.-T.; Soonthornthum, B.; Zhu, L.-Y.; He, J.-J.; Rattanasoon, S.; Aukkaravittayapun, S.; Liao, W.-P.; Zhao, E.-G.; Zhang, J.; Fernández Lajús, E., "Rapid Decreasing in the Orbital Period of the Detached White Dwarf-main Sequence Binary SDSS J143547.87+373338.5", 2016, ApJ, 817, 151
(4) Qian,S.-B.; Han, Z. T.; Fernández Lajús, E.; Zhu, L. Y.; Li, L. J.; Liao, W. P.; Zhao, E. G., "Long-term Decrease and Cyclic Variation in the Orbital Period of the Eclipsing Dwarf Nova V2051 Oph", 2015, ApJS, 221, 17
(5) Qian,S.-B.; J.-J. Wang, L.-Y. Zhu, B. Snoonthornthum, L.-Z. Wang, E. G. Zhao, X. Zhou, W.-P. Liao, and N.-P. Liu, "Optical Flares and a Long-lived Dark Spot on a Cool Shallow Contact Binary", 2014, ApJS, 212, 4
(6) Qian,S.-B.; Liu,N.-P.; Li,K.; He,J.-J.; Zhu,L.-Y.; Zhao,E.-G.; Wang,J.-J.; Li,L.-J.; Jiang,L.-Q., "BI Vulpeculae: A Siamese Twin with Two Very Similar Cool Stars in Shallow Contact", 2013, ApJS , 209, 13
(7) Qian,S.-B.; Zhang,J.; Wang,J.-J.; Zhu,L.-Y.; Liu,L.; Zhao,E.G.; Li,L.-J.; He,J.-J., "V753 Mon: A Unique Close Binary Just after the Evolutionary Stage with the Shortest Period during Mass Transfer", 2013, ApJS , 207, 22
(8) Qian,S.-B.; Liu,L.; Liao,W.-P.; Li,L.-J.; Zhu,L.-Y.; Dai,Z.-B.; He,J.-J.; Zhao,E.-G.; Zhang,J.; Li,K., "Detection of a planetary system orbiting the eclipsing polar HU Aqr", 2011, MNRAS:Letter, 414, 16
(9) Qian,S.-B.; Liao,W.-P.; Zhu,L.-Y.; Dai,Z.-B, "Detection of a Giant Extrasolar Planet Orbiting the Eclipsing Polar DP Leo", 2010, ApJ:Letter,708, 66
(10) Qian,S.-B.; Zhu,L.-Y.; Zola,S.; Liao,W.-P.; Liu,L.; Li,L.-J.; Winiarski,M.; Kuligowska,E.; Kreiner,J.M., "Detection of a Tertiary Brown Dwarf Companion in the sdB-Type Eclipsing Binary HS 0705+6700", 2009, ApJLetter, 695, 163
(11) Qian,S.-B.; Liao,W.-P.; Fernández Lajús,E., "Evidence of a Massive Black Hole Companion in the Massive Eclipsing Binary V Puppis", 2008, ApJ, 687,466
(12) Qian,S.-B.; Yuan,J.-Z.; Soonthornthum,B.; Zhu,L.-Y.; He,J.-J.; Yang,Y.-G., "AD Cancri: A Shallow Contact Solar-Type Eclipsing Binary and Evidence for a Dwarf Third Component and a 16 Year Magnetic Cycle", 2007, ApJ, 671,811

Research Interests

Main Topics and Interests:
(a) Search for and investigate extrasolar planets and related objects
(b) Black hole candidates in close binaries and variables
(c) Monitoring of some key astrophysical objects
(d) sdB-type binary stars and detached white-dwarf binaries
(e) Cataclysmic variables and X-ray binaries
(f) Close binaries and variables in clusters and galaxies
(g) First generation stars
(f) The formation and evolution of close Binary stars
(h) Progenitors of Type Ia supernova and r-ray bursts …………


(1)SOC member of the 12th Asian-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting (in Daejeon, Korea, August 2014)
(2)Co-Chair of the 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics (in Seoul, Korea, May 2013) 
(3)SOC member of the 11th Asian-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting (in Chiang Mai, Thailand, July 2011)
(4)Co-Chair of the 9th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics (in Lijiang, China, April 2011)
(5)Co-Chair of the 33rd IAU International School for Young Astronomers (in Lijiang, China, April 2011) 
(6)SOC member of the 36th IAU International School for Young Astronomers (in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Nov. 2014)
(7)SOC member of the international conference, Close Binaries in the 21th Century (in Syros, Greece, June 2005)

Important invitation reports:
1.12th Asia-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting
Title:Magnetic CV as a bright representatives of close binaries
2.The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects-II
Title:Evolution and outbursts of cataclysmic variables
Title:Dark-Spot Activity on the secondary as the origin of Variable Mass Accretion in Cataclysmic Variables
4.The 2nd Sino-Thai Symposium on High Energy Physis
Title:Evolution of Low-Mass X-ray Binaries and the Formation of Millisecond Pulsars
5.11th Asia-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting
Title:Circumbinary plantes and brown dwarfs in orbits around evolved close binaries


Collaboration Institution: MASARYK UNIVERSITY, National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Xiangtan University, Huaibei Normal University, Shandong University, Shanxi Normal University, and so on.



朱俐颖  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
杨远贵  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
何家佳  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理 
刘亮  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理 
张嘉  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理 
袁金照  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
何家佳  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
戴智斌  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
李临甲  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理 
赵二刚  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理 
廖文萍  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
刘亮  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
张嘉  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
李凯  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
王树民  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
王晶晶  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理 
韩忠涛  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理 
时光  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
刘念平  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
张斌  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理 
王晶晶  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
李临甲  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
江林巧  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
周肖  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
韩忠涛  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
张斌  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
赵二刚  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
王琪善  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理 
张旭东  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
施相东  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
方小慧  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
王琪善  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
臧蕾  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理 
吴楚齐  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
李福兴  博士研究生  070401-天体物理 
马文武  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理 

overseas students


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