Research Areas

  • Seismic multiple removal(including surface related multiple elimination, internal multiple attenuation).
  • Seismic imaging (including prestack and poststack depth migrations) using one-way wave methods, wave path migration, reverse time migration).
  • Seismic tomography, ray tracing, seismic inversion, Q-tomography.
  • Long offset PS imaging.
  • Seismic wave propagation in inhomogeneous media.
  • Lithospheric inhomogeneities revealed from earthquake.
  • Urban Geophysics, near surface seismic survey.


B.S. Physics, Peking University, 1982
M.S. Geophysics, Institute of Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1988
Ph. D. Geophysics, Institute of Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1998


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