gangcai liu   male  supervisor of a Ph.D. student  

Institute of mountain hazards and environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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address: No.9,section 4 of renming south road, chengdu,China
post-code: 610041

Research Areas

soil erosion and water consrvation, soil ecology, soil formation


1997/9 - 2001/12, hydrology and water resources, Sichuan University, Ph.D., supervisor: Lin Sanyi

1992/9 - 1995/6, soil science, Southwest Agricultural University, Master Tutor: Wei Zhaofu

1984/9 - 1988/6, soil science, Southwest Agricultural University, bachelor, supervisor: Xie deti


Work Experience

2007-02~ present, Institute of mountain hazards and environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor

2000-07~2007-01, Institute of mountain hazards and environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, associate professor

1995-07~2000-06, Institute of mountain hazards and environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences,  assistant researcher

1988-07~1992-06, Institute of mountain hazards and environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, exercitation reseacher


(1) Mutual tolerance ecology is a key to future eco-environmental science, Frontier of Environmental Sciences, 2015, first author
(2) Quantitative determination of the effect of temperature on mudstone decay during wet–dry cycles: A case study of ‘purple mudstone’ from south-western China, Geomorphology, 2015, corresponding author
(3) Main types of soil mass failure and characteristics of their impact factors in the Yuanmou Valley, China, catena, 2015, corresponding author

(4) Nitrogen and phosphorus associating with different size suspended solids in roof and road runoff in Beijing, China, Environment Science Pollution Research, 2015,corresponding author

(5) Spatial prediction of soil organic matter content integrating artificial neural network and ordinary kriging in Tibetan Plateau, Ecological Indicators, 2014, corresponding author

(6) Effects of vegetation restoration types on soil quality in Yuanmou dry-hot valley, China, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 2013, corresponding author

(7) The effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal hyphal networks on soil aggregations of purple soil in southwest China, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 2013, corresponding author

(8) Identification and application of amino acids as chelators in phytoremediation of rare earth elements lanthanum and yttrium, Plant and Soil, 2013, corresponding author

(9) Assessing the suitability of soil and water conservation practices in Southwestern China, Land Use Policy, 2013, first author
(10) Effect of moisture and temperature conditions on the decay rate of a purple 6 mudstone in southwestern China, Geomophology, 2013, corresponding author

(11) Experimental study on the development of collapse of overhanging layers of gully in Yuanmou Valley, China, catena, 2013, corresponding author

(12) Determination of purple soil loss tolerance based on soil productivity in southwest China, Journal of Soil and Water conservation, 2013, corresponding author

Research Interests

soil loss tolerance, soil hydrology, plant-soil feedback



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