Jian-Hua Wang, Prof. PhD

Principal Investigator,

The Unit of Virology

Institut Pasteur of Shanghai

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Areas

This unit was established since 2009, and the research focuses on the study of the interaction of retrovirus (HIV-1, MuLV) with host cells, in order to better understand the molecular mechanisms of viral replication, persistence, and immunopathogenesis.


 1999.9-2005.7, Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS, China, Master-PhD;

1995.9-19997, Henan University, bachelor


 2005- 2009, Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, USA.

Work Experience

 2009 to date, Professor, Principal Investigator of Unit of Viral Immunology, Institute Pasteur of Shanghai, CAS, China.

Teaching Experience

2015, Professor of UCAS


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Research Interests

The research of this unit focuses on the study of the interaction of retrovirus (HIV-1, MuLV) with host cells, in order to better understand the molecular mechanisms of viral replication, persistence, and immunopathogenesis: 1) by using primary cells, ex vivo tissue-culture, and MuLV infected mouse model, to explore the host modulation and viral hijacking during viral acute infection; 2) by using Omics methods, to identify host factor modulating HIV-1 replication and latency, and develop novel strategies for HIV/AIDS functional cure. 



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Honors & Distinctions

 2015, Professor of UCAS;

2014, Natural Science Award (the 3rd author), Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Health, Yunnan, China

2013, Award for Zhu-Li Yue-Hua Excellent Graduate Supervisor, CAS, China

2011, Shanghai Rising Star Program, Shanghai, China

2010,100 Talent Program of CAS, China

2010, Award of Sanofi-Aventis-SIBS Scholarship Program, China