Fei He, Professor, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Address: No. 390 Qinghe Rd., Jiading, Shanghai, P.R.China 201800


Research Areas

Our team is dedicated to the exploration of a multidisciplinary realm that encompasses the fascinating domains of bio-optoelectronics and brain sciences. By harnessing cutting-edge optoelectronics, micro/nano fabrication techniques, biomedical imaging technologies, and AI algorithms, our noble objective is to delve into the depths of fundamental neurosciences, propel advancements in brain disease diagnosis and treatment methodologies, as well as pave the way for groundbreaking neural interfacing applications.

He et al., "Ultraflexible neural electrodes for long-lasting intracortical recording," iScience (2020).

He et al., "Multimodal mapping of neural activity and cerebral blood flow reveals long-lasting neurovascular dissociations after small-scale strokes," Science Advances (2020). 

He et al., "Longitudinal neural and vascular recovery following ultraflexible neural electrode implantation in aged mice," Biomaterials (2022). 


Ph.D. in Optical Engineering   Shanghai Inst. Opt.& Fine Mech., CAS       2010

B.S. in Bioinformatics (dual degree)   Zhejiang University                         2005

B.S. in Optical&Electrical Engineering   Zhejiang University                      2005


Talent/Full Professor    Shanghai Inst. Opt.& Fine Mech.,  CAS                          2021 – present

Research Specialist      Dept. ECE& NeuroEngineering Initiative, Rice U.           2019 – 2021

Research Fellow           Dept. Biomedical Engineering, UT Austin                      2016 – 2019

Visiting Scientist           RIKEN – Center for Advanced Photonics, Japan           2014 – 2016

Associate Professor      Shanghai Inst. Opt.& Fine Mech.,  CAS                         2012 – 2016

Assistant Professor       Shanghai Inst. Opt.& Fine Mech.,  CAS                         2010 – 2012 


Since 2017: 

1.      Roy Lycke, Robin Kim, Pavlo Zolotavin, Jon Montes, Aron Koszeghy, Esra Altun, Brian Noble, Rongkang Yin, Fei He, Nelson Totah, Chong Xie, Lan Luan. “Low-threshold, high-resolution, chronically stable intracortical microstimulation by ultraflexible electrodes,” Cell Reports 42, 112554 (2023).

2.      Mingliang Xu, Fangyuan Li, Yueqi Liu, Jinhui Zhang, Yazhou Shi and Fei He*. “Frontiers of implantable multimodal neural interfaces,” Chinese Journal of Lasers. (2023). (*Corresponding author)

3.      Zhengtuo Zhao, Hanlin Zhu, Xue Li, Liuyang Sun, Fei He, Jason E Chung, Daniel F Liu, Loren Frank, Lan Luan, Chong Xie.Ultraflexible electrode arrays for months-long high-density electrophysiological mapping of thousands of neurons in rodents,” Nature Biomedical Engineering 7, 520 (2023).

4.      Fei He#, Yingchu Sun#, Yifu Jin#, Rongkang Yin, Hanlin Zhu, Haad Rathore, Chong Xie and Lan Luan. “Longitudinal neural and vascular recovery following ultraflexible neural electrode implantation in aged mice,” Biomaterials 291, 121905 (2022). (#Equal contribution)

5.      Rongkang Yin, Brian Noble, Fei He, Palvo Zolotavin, Haad Rathore, Yifu Jin, Nicole Sevilla, Chong Xie and Lan Luan. “Chronic co-implantation of ultraflexible neural electrodes and a cranial window,” Neurophotonics 9, 032204 (2022).

6.      Colin T. Sullender, Lisa M. Richards, Fei He, Chong Xie, Lan Luan, Andrew K. Dunn. “Dynamics of isoflurane-induced vasodilation and blood flow of cerebral vasculature revealed by multi-exposure speckle imaging,” Journal of Neuroscience Methods 366, 109434 (2022).

7.      Fei He, Roy Lycke, Mehran Ganji, Chong Xie and Lan Luan. “Ultraflexible neural electrodes for long-lasting intracortical recording.iScience 8, 101387 (2020).

8.      Fei He, Colin T. Sullender, Hanlin Zhu, Michael R. Williamson, Xue Li, Zhengtuo Zhao, Theresa A. Jones, Chong Xie, Andrew K. Dunn and Lan Luan. “Multimodal mapping of neural activity and cerebral blood flow reveals long-lasting neurovascular dissociations after small-scale strokes.” Science Advances 6, eaba1933 (2020).

9.      Hanlin Zhu, Xue Li, Liuyang Sun, Fei He, Zhengtuo Zhao, Lan Luan, NM Tran, Chong Xie. “Clustering with Fast, Automated and Reproducible assessment applied to longitudinal neural tracking,” arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.08533 (2020). (Submitted).

10.    Zhengtuo Zhao, Xue Li, Fei He, Xiaoling Wei, Shengqing Lin, and Chong Xie.Parallel, minimally-invasive implantation of ultra-flexible neural electrode arrays.” Journal of Neural Engineering 16, 035001 (2019).

11.   Behzad Amoozgar, Xiaoling Wei, Jun Hui Lee, Michele Bloomer, Zhengtuo Zhao, Paul Coh, Fei He, Lan Luan, Chong Xie, Ying Han. “A novel flexible microfluidic meshwork to reduce fibrosis in glaucoma surgery,” PloS One 12, e0172556 (2017).

12.    Fei He, Junjie Yu, Yuanxin Tan, Wei Chu, Changhe Zhou, Ya Cheng, Koji Sugioka. “Tailoring femtosecond 1.5-μm Bessel beams for manufacturing high-aspect-ratio through-silicon vias,Scientific Reports 7, 40785 (2017).

A full publication list can be found on Dr. Fei He's Google Scholar Profile.

Research Interests

Neural interfacing

Micro/nano fabrication


Biomedical optical imaging


Rice University

UT Austin