Professor Guiying Chen, State Key Laboratory of Tropical Oceanography, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,  Editor of Modern physics andapplied physiscs》,reserch interesting is the evolution of internal waves and turbulence mixing in South China Sea.

Research Areas

Ocean turbulence and mixing 

Mesoscale dynamical process


1996, 9- 2000, 3, M.S. Graduate School of mechanism engineering /Tian Jin University

2002,9-2005.6,    Ph.D. Graduate Photonic Center /NanKai University

1991.10-1992.10  do education courses in School of Education/ Nottingham UniversityU.K.

1979, 9-1983,7   B.E. Taiyuan University of Technologyrenamed Taiyuan Institute of Technology


Work Experience

2006.03 ---- present:  Research Professor on ocean nonlinear internal wave dynamics, at South China Sea Institute of Oceanology           Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

200507----2006,02 Associate professor on nonlinear optics and optical image information process, vice head of Physics department  in  Tian Jin Science and Technology University

199305----2002,12 Lecture and associate professor on electronics in physics department of Advanced Technological Academy, Shan-xi



Part Journal Papers

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Part of patents

An instument of heat flux , ZL2014 2 0871391.X

An instument of turbulent mixing,ZL2014 2 0873614.6



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