Research Areas

  1. Numerical simulation on earthquake by FEM and DDA;
  2. Mechanical analysis on dyke transportation in Earth’s crust


Oct., 1978-July, 1982:  Department of Mathematics and Mechanics , 
            Lanzhou University  
            Undergraduate student for Bachelor Degree
            Major:  Mechanics 
Oct,, 1983-Aug., 1986:  Graduate School, 
            Chinese Academy of Sciences
            Graduate student for Master Degree 
            Major:  Rock mechanics                      
Mar., 1989-Mar., 1993:  Institute of Geophysics,  
            Chinese Academy of Sciences  
            Graduate student for Ph. D 
            Major:  Rock mechanics                    


Work Experience
Aug., 1986-Dec, 1994:   Lab of Geodynamics under High Temperature and High Pressure  
            Institute of Geophysics, 
            Chinese Academy of Sciences  
            Assistant Professor   
Jan., 1995-July, 1999:  Lab of Geodynamics under High Temperature and  
            High Pressure  
            Institute of Geophysics, 
            Chinese Academy of Sciences  
            Associate Professor 
May, 1998-Oct., 1998:  Department of Civil Engineering,  
            University of Calgary, Canada 
            Visiting Scholar                    
1999-present:      Institute of Geology and Geophysics, 
            Chinese Academy of Sciences 
            Associate Professor 
Sept., 2003:          School of Earth and Atomospheric Sciences, 
            Georgia Institute of Technology,  
            Atlanta,Georgia, USA 
            Visiting Scholar 
Mar., 2006-April, 2006: Department of Mechanics Engineering,  
            University of Maine, USA 
            Visiting Scholar 
Sept., 2009-Oct., 2009: Department of Mechanics Engineering,  
            University of Maine, USA 
            Visiting Scholar


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