Xiaochun Cao, Professor, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Address: Area C, No. 65, Xingshikou Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Postcode: 100095

Biographical highlights

Xiaochun Cao received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in computer science from Beihang University, Beijing, China, and the Ph.D. degree in computer science from the University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, USA. After graduation, he spent about three years at ObjectVideo Inc. as a Research Scientist. From 2008 to 2012, he was a Professor with Tianjin University, Tianjin, China. 

He is currently a Professor with the Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. He has authored and coauthored more than 170 journal and conference papers. 

Prof. Cao is a Fellow of the IET. He is on the Editorial Boards of the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, IEEE  Transactions on Multimedia and IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology. His dissertation was nominated for the University of Central Florida’s university-level Outstanding Dissertation Award. In 2004 and 2010, he was the recipient of the Piero Zamperoni Best Student Paper Award at the International Conference on Pattern Recognition.

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Research Areas

Computer Vision

Big Visual Data Mining

Artificial Intelligence


Work Experience
Oct 2012 – Now
Professor, Institute of Information Engineering, 
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Feb 2011 – Jan 2013
Rotating Program officer, Division of Information Science, 
National Nature Science Foundation of China 

Aug 2008 – Oct 2012
Professor, School of Computer Science and Technology, 
Tianjin University, China 

Jan 2006 – Aug 2008
Research Scientist, video processing algorithms, 
Object Video Inc. Virginia





杨亮  博士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论  

马坷  博士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论  

柳娜  硕士研究生  0812Z1-信息安全  

邹普林  硕士研究生  085211-计算机技术  

林嘉  硕士研究生  085212-软件工程  

吴庆波  博士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论  

王川  博士研究生  081202-计算机软件与理论  

荆丽桦  硕士研究生  0812Z1-信息安全  

雷青  硕士研究生  0812Z1-信息安全  

赵炜  硕士研究生  085211-计算机技术  

何军林  硕士研究生  085212-软件工程  

王宇豪  硕士研究生  085212-软件工程  

李通  硕士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

赵汉玥  硕士研究生  085211-计算机技术  


严彦阳  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

罗时蕊  博士研究生  081002-信号与信息处理  

王潇  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

尧思远  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

代朋纹  博士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

梁思源  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

史珂  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

加小俊  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

韩冰  博士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

李京知  博士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

徐翊焜  博士研究生  083900-网络空间安全  

王子旗  硕士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

吴永林  硕士研究生  085211-计算机技术  

吴思彤  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

蒋彧琛  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

袁智博  硕士研究生  085211-计算机技术  

赵博文  硕士研究生  085211-计算机技术  

何邦彦  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

刘心玮  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

寻源  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

罗君  博士研究生  081203-计算机应用技术  

何泓锐  硕士研究生  085400-电子信息  

祝汉宇  硕士研究生  085400-电子信息  


PHD Students

Qingbo Wu(2020)

Chuan Wang(2020,Young Associate Professor at  IIE, CAS)

Ke Ma(2019,Post-doctoral Research Fellow at UCAS)

Wenqi Ren(2017,Associate Professor at IIE, CAS)

Liang Yang(2016,Associate Professor at Hebei University of Technology)

Xiao Wang(2016,Assistant Professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

Changqing Zhang(2016,Associate Professor at Tianjin University)

Lin Du(P2015,Associate Professor at Tianjin Polytechnic University)

Hua Zhang(2015,Associate Professor at IIE, CAS)

Xingxing Wei(2015,Associate Professor at Beihang University)

Huazhu Fu(2013,Senior Scientist at Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence (IIAI))

Xiaojie Guo(2013,Associate Professor at Tianjin University)

Master Students

Zhiqiang Tao(2015,Assistant Professor at Santa Clara University)

Jingjing Chen(2014,Young Associate Proferssor at Fudan University)

Handong Zhao(2012,Research Scientist at Adobe Research)

Wei Zhang(2010,Senior Researcher at JD AI Research)