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Research Areas

Emergence and geographical extension of dengue (DENV) and chikungunya (CHIKV) viruses increase simultaneous outbreaks and up to 12% of patients have been diagnosed to be co-infected. In addition, it was shown that the mosquitoes Aedes albopictus could carry and transmit simultaneously CHIKV and DENV. However, the pathology, as well as the epidemiology of a pathogen can be influence by the interactions between several infectious agents present within an organism. So far, there is no extensive report of DENV-CHIKV interactions. Our global objective is to characterize the coinfection of CHIKV with DENV in both mosquitoes and humans, at the cell and molecular levels.

Our preliminary data indicate that cells chronically infected with CHIKV showed higher permissiveness to DENV and had higher DENV production. Our project aims to explain this increased DENV replication but also, identify in a more global study, the host proteins and pathways that are modified by the presence of both arboviruses. We will identify the modified replication steps and the viral proteins involved using mosquito cells (Aim 1). We also aim to purify modified molecular complexes containing key CHIKV proteins using a systemic quantitative proteomic approach (Aim 2). In parallel, we will study co-infection in relevant human common target cell lines involved in pathogenesis (Aim 3).

Altogether, we will establish a more precise viral-host interaction pattern during DENV-CHIKV co-infection. This work might provide clues for the development of new antiviral compounds targeting common pathways.    


2009 Habilitation à diriger les recherches  (HDR ; February 3rd).

Sept1997- Dec2000 PhD in Virology 
(Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon, FRANCE) under supervision of Dr François-Loïc COSSET.
Research project: Characterization of the membrane fusion  mechanism mediated by the envelope glycoprotein of Murine Leukemia virus.
Date of graduation: December 18th 2000

Sept1994-Sept1997 Master of Differentiation,
 Genetic and Immunology at the University Claude Bernard, Lyon, FRANCE

Sept1991-Jun1994 Bachelor of Science – Biochemistry.  
Dijon University, Dijon, FRANCE

Honors & Distinctions



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