Family Name:  Du         Given Name: Zhi-jing

Sex: Female

Address: Laboratory of Frequency and Time Standards

        National Time Service center

        Chinese Academy of Sciences

        3,ShuyuanDonglu,Lintong, Xi'an, P. R. China.

Phone:  +86 159 9116 1001


Research Areas

Quantum Frequency and Standards

POP Rb atomic clock

Micro-chip atomic clock

Laser Cooling and Trapping


2007-2012   Ph.D. in Physics(Received on July 10th, 2012)

            The National Time Service Center

            Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

            Thesis: Experimental and Theoretical Study of Pulsed Optically

                   Pumped Rubidium Frequency Standard

2003-2006   M.S. in optics engineering

            State Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics and Quantum Optics Devices

            Institute of Opto-Electronics

            Shanxi University, Taiyuan, China

            Thesis: Demonstration of Frequency Chain of Multiple Lasers

                   Relative to Cesium Transition


Work Experience

In 2006, I received M.S. in Optical Engineering, and got a job in National Time Service Center Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is a national-level base-type research institute in assuming the tasks of national standard time generating, keeping and transmitting


——Developed the miniature prototype of POP atomic clock

——Theoretically and Experimentally studied the Pulsed Optically Pumped (POP) Rb atomic clock, developed a POP prototype including laser system, microwave cavity and Rb cell etc

——Measured the Ramsey fringes of POP Rb atomic clock with FWHM of 65Hz and 150Hz in microwave and optical domain respectively; Realized the locking of the POP Rb atomic clock, with frequency stability of 4.5×10-13τ-1/2 (τ=1~100s)

——Study the cold and ultra-cold atomic physics, design miniature laser system and microwave cavity

——Studied the Autler-Townes splitting in EITElectromagnetically Induced Transparency induced by microwave field

——Studied the CPT maser and got CPT maser signal, adjusted the 461nm laser system for Sr optical clock and the ECDL diode laser for Cs fountain clock



1. Vortices in a rotating two-component BoseEinstein condensate with tunable interactions and harmonic potential

Xiao-Fei Zhang, Zhi-Jing Du, Ren-Bing Tan, Rui-Fang Dong, Hong Chang, Shou-Gang Zhang

Annals of Physics 346 (2014) 154163

2. The pulsed optically pumped Rb frequency standards in National Time Service Center.

Zhijing Du, Shougang Zhang, Jie Liu, Xiaofeng Li, Dandan Liu, WenxiangXue.

IEEE International Frequency Control Symposium(2012)

3. Study of Pulsed Optically Pumped Rb Frequency Standard.

Zhijing Du, Wenyu Zhao, Jie Liu, Shougang Zhang.

Geomatics and Information Science of Wuhan University, 36(10): 1236-1240(2011)

4. Observation of Autler-Towers effect in electro-magnetically induced transparency.

Zhijing Du, Shougang Zhang, Changjiang Wu, Yong Guan, Wenyu Zhao, and Hong Chang

Chinese Physics Letters, 27(10):104202-1-4(2010)

5. Locking Multiple Wavelength Lasers to the Transition of Cesium Atoms by Using Fabry-Perot Transfer Cavity

ZhijingDu, Yuchi Zhang, Xiaoyong Wang, Shubin Yan, Tiancai Zhang, Junmin Wang.

ActaOptica Sinica,26(3):452-457(2006)

6. Study of the temperature effect on POP Rb atomic clock.

WenxiangXue, Jiang Chen, Zhijing Du, Shougang Zhang

Journal of Time and Frequency,35(3):129-136 (2012)

7. Robust external cavity diode laser system with high frequency stability for Cesium atomic clock.

Jun Ruan, jie Liu, Jie Ma, Zhijing Du, Changjiang Wu, Shougang Zhang.

Chinese Optics Letters, 8(3):300-302(2010).


1. A method to measure the interval time and its instrument (ZL 200910120751.6)

Shougang Zhang, Shuangyou Liang, Faxi Chen, Hong Chang, Zhijing Du.

2. A method for sychronazition of second pulse and its instrument (ZL 200910120750.1)

Shougang Zhang, Shuangyou Liang, Faxi Chen, Hong Chang, Zhijing Du.

Research Interests

Quantum Frequency and Standards

Micro-chip atomic clock

Laser Cooling and Trapping



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