Dr Lin Wang has her first degree and PhD in Biomechanical Engineering at University of Bristol, UK in 2010. Lin is currently a Professor at Shenzhen Advanced Technology Institute (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Before she joined SIAT in 2017, Lin was appointed as a senior biomechanical engineer in top medical devices companies from 2010 to 2013, followed by serving as a postdoctoral research assistant in Orthopedics Dept, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a postdoctoral fellow in Musculoskeletal Aging Dept, University of Liverpool, respectively. Lin is also a Member of IMECHE and IEEE, Youth Committee Member in Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering, and China Association of Assistive Products in Rehabilitation Engineering, Committee Member of Guangdong Precision Medicine Application Association in Medical Big data and Artificial Intelligence, Vice Executive Secretary of Shenzhen Association for Artificial Intelligence. She has 20+ relevant academic papers published, and has been invited speaker and session chair in several international conferences. Lin was granted as a PI in 8 national and provincial grants, e.g. NSFC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province. And also as a Co-I in numbers of projects home and aboard, e.g. National Science Fund Council China, Computational Integrated of Musculoskeletal Aging UK, and 2 Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Support Project (ITF).

Research Areas

Principal research interests lie in the field of biomechanical engineering, especially in experimental lower limb biomechanics, soft exoskeleton design and development. Fully experienced in gait analysis, biomedical image processing, biomedical computational modelling, mechanical design CAD, and nonlinear/linear FEA simulation in a human musculoskeletal system, as well as anatomical dissection, and customized clinical prostheses design and evaluation. 


2005 – 2010    PhD in Mechanical Engineering, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

2001 – 2004    BEng(Hons) in Computer Aided Engineering, University of Central Lancashire, UK


Ongoing Grants and Projects:

[1]  PI, NSFC, China, 62003331, RMB 240,000, 2021.1-2023.12

[2]  Sub-PI, National Key Research and Development Project, MOST, China, 2020YFC2005803, RMB12,430,000, 2019.11-2022.11;

[3]   PI, Department of Science and Technology, China, No: 18-H863-31-ZD-002-002-02, RMB 1,900,000, 2018-2019;

[4]   PI, China-Japan International Collaboration Project, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, No: GJHZ2021132, RMB 450,000, 2021-202;

[5]   PI, International Collaboration Program, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, China, No: 2019A050510029, RMB 1,000,000, 2020-2021;   

[6]   PI, International Collaboration Special Plan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, RMB 100,000, 2019-2021;

[7]   PI, Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, China, No: 2018A030313065, RMB 100,000, 2018-2021;  

[8]   PI, Discipline Distribution Program, The Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, China, No: JCYJ20170818163445670, RMB 2,000,000, 2018-2020;

[9]  Co-I, Equipment Development Project for Scientific Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, An automatic sample injection system for living imaging with mass spectrometry RMB3,000,000, 2020-2022;

[10]   Co-I,  Major Program of ‘Brain Science and Brain-Like Intelligence Technology’ in Science and Technology Planning Project of Guangdong Province, China, No: 2018B030339001, RMB 36,000,000, 2019-2021;

[11]  Co-I,  Key Research and Development Project in Science and Technology Planning Project of Macau, Research and application of multi-modal sensing and data-driven intelligent process planning technology for industrial robot, 0018/2019/AKP,  6,000,000MOP, 2019.11-2022.11;

[12] Team Member, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Joint Laboratory of Human-Machine Intelligence-Synergy Systems, Guangdong Province, China, No: 2019B121205007, RMB 15,000,000, 2020-2022;

Work Experience

2021 - Present, Professor,  Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, CAS, China

2017 – 2021, Associate Professor, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, CAS, China

2014 – 2017  Research Associate, Dept. of Musculoskeletal Biology, University of Liverpool, UK

2013 – 2014  Research Assistant, Orthopaedics Dept., The Chinese University Hong Kong, HK

2011 - 2013  Senior Engineer, Siemens Healthcare Co., UK

Teaching Experience

2017 – Present Postgraduate Lecture Teaching 

·  Solely developed three modules and delivered lecturers to 20+ students in Bionics, Muscularskeletal Biomechanics, Biomechanical Application in Medical Devices Design.

2017 – Present Postgraduate Research Project Supervisor

·  Supervising 4 MSc student with their research projects. 

2005 – 2010 / 2013-2017 Undergraduate/Postgraduate Research Project Mentoring

2010 -2013 Junior Engineers Biomechanical Design Training Course

2001- 2010 Undergraduate Modules Teaching Assistant


(1) Predictive Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Servo Systems with Communication Delays via Sliding Mode Approach, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2021
(2) Naifu Jiang, Lin Wang; Zhen Huang; Guanglin Li*, Mapping responses of lumbar paravertebral muscles to single-pulse cortical TMS using high-density surface electromyography, Brain Stimulation, 2021

(3)Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Two-mass Systems via Singular Perturbation Approach, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2021

(3) Asogbon, M.G.; Samuel, O.W.; Jiang, Y.; Wang, L.; Geng, Y.; Sangaiah, A.K.; Chen, S.; Fang, P.; Li, G*. Appropriate Feature Set and Window Parameters Selection for Efficient Motion Intent Characterization towards Intelligently Smart EMG-PR System, Symmetry, 2020
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(7) A Pilot Study of Neural Stimulation and Motion Intervention via Self-powered Wearable Electronic-skin, IEEE International Conference on Cyborg and Bionic Systems, 2018
(8) Compact high-efficiency vortex beam emitter based on a silicon photonics micro-ring, Optics Letters, 2018
(9) A Novel Time-Domain Descriptor for Improved Prediction of Upper Limb Movement Intent in EMG-PR System, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2018
(10) Preliminary study of CT in combination with MRI perfusion imaging to develop accurate 3D model in human foot and ankle system, Footwear Science, 2015



付梦龙  硕士研究生  085211-计算机技术  

郭嘉欣  硕士研究生  085211-计算机技术  

冯茹靓  硕士研究生  083100-生物医学工程  

王程  硕士研究生  085211-计算机技术  

朱富强  硕士研究生  085404-计算机技术  


郁得志  硕士研究生  085400-电子信息  

高天男  硕士研究生  085404-计算机技术  

Honors & Distinctions

·       Certificate in Teaching and Learning (by University of Liverpool)

·       CEng Chartered Member of IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers): 80344291

·       Member of IEEE /EMBC: 94979975

·       Youth Committee Member, Chinese Society of Biomedical EngineeringM083904301S

·       Youth Committee Member, China Association of Assistive Products in Rehabilitation Engineering

·       Committee Member, Guangdong Precision Medicine Application Association in Medical Big data and Artificial Intelligence

·       Vice Executive Secretary, Shenzhen Association for Artificial Intelligence

·       2007 Bristol Personal Development Award (by PricewaterhouseCoopers)