Name:Shengzhong (Frank) Liu, Male,   Doctoral Advisor.

Adress: Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy; iChEM,               

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 

Dalian, 116023, China. 


Professor Liu received his Ph. D. from Northwestern University, USA in 1992. His research focuses on perovskite solar cells, optoelectronic devices, single-crystalline perovskite materials, high efficiency HIT solar cells, nanoscale thin film materials and catalyst for photoelectrochemical water splitting. He has published more than 300 papers in peer-reviewed journals including Science, Nature, Nature Energy, Nature Communications, Joule, JACS, Adv. Mater., Energy & Environ. Sci., Sci. Adv., Phys. Rev. X. He serves as the director of the Institute for Advanced Energy Materials, Shaanxi Normal University and the Associate Director, Department of Solar Energy, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics.  He also serves as Associate Editor, NanoSelect; Advisory Board Member, Advanced Science, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering,  J. Energy Chemistry; Editorial Board Member, Scientific Reports, Editorial Board Member, PhotoChem etc.

Education &Experiecnce

2011–present:     Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics/ Shaanxi Normal University

2003 – 2011:      United Solar Ovonic LLC, Manager, Senior Scientist

1998 – 2003:      BP Solar, Senior Scientist/Laser Process/Safety Officer

1997 – 1998:      SI Diamond Technology, Inc., Projector Manager

1994 – 1997:      QQC, Senior Scientist, Director of Applied Sciences Department

1992 – 1994:      Argonne National Laboratory, Postdoctoral Fellow

1989 – 1992:      Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Research Interests

1. High efficiency, low cost thin film solar cell fabrication process development

2.  Thin film nanocrystalline silicon based solar cell research

3.  Nanoscale materials: design, fabrication and application in solar cells, sensors and catalysis

4. Thin film compound solar cell development

5. Nano fabrication for light trapping in solar cells using chemical, electrochemical and surface plasmonic processes

6. Perovskite based solar cells

7. HIT solar cell development

Honors & Distinctions

The world's scientists & engineers who's who, 1998

R&D 100 award (2002)-“Oscars of Invention”, 2002

Renowned Scholar Award, China Federation of Returned Overseas, 2016

Outstanding Entrepreneurs, Shaanxi Province, 2017

Royal Society of Chemistry, Top 1% Highly Cited Chinese Scientists, 2018, 2019, 2020

Clarivate Analytics, Highly Cited Scientists, 20202021

Publications Recently


贾玉帅  博士研究生  070304-物理化学  

秦炜  博士研究生  070304-物理化学  

张静  博士研究生  070304-物理化学  

王子瑜  博士研究生  070304-物理化学  

张旭  博士研究生  070304-物理化学  


汪沛君  博士研究生  070304-物理化学  

杜敏永  博士研究生  070304-物理化学  

李建勋  硕士研究生  070304-物理化学  

杨璟  硕士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  

刘璐  博士研究生  070304-物理化学  

苏航  博士研究生  080501-材料物理与化学  


Already Gratuated Students :

Yushuai Jia        doctor  070304-Physical chemistry 

Jian Zhu              doctor     070304-Physical chemistry

Wangyin Wang   doctor     070304-Physical chemistry

Wei Qin              doctor     070304-Physical chemistry

Now the students:

 Zheng chen        doctor     070304-Physical chemistry

Zheng Li              doctor     070304-Physical chemistry

Xu Zhang           master   070304-Physical chemistry 

Jing Zhang         doctor     070304-Physical chemistry