Dr. LI  Lin,  South China Botanical Garden, CAS

Telephone: 020-85231900
Address:723 Xingke Rd., Tianhe District, 
South China Botanical Garden, CAS 
Guangzhou, China
Postcode: 510650

Research Areas

Plant taxonomy, Systematic botany


Sept. 2006         Doctoral degree awarded in Taxonomy (Orchidaceae),
– June. 2009   Species Diversity and Conservation Research Group,
                             South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences
                            My PhD dissertation project (“Systematics of Tainia s. l.
                            (Orchidaceae) in China).

Sept. 1998        Master degree awarded in Plant Protection Specialty,
– June. 2001 Bioengineering College, Henan Agricultural University, China
                          My dissertation project (“From taxonomy to Biological
                          control of parasitic wasps: Case study of Encyrtidae
                          in North West China” )

Sep. 1992          Bachelor degree, specialty in Biology
– June 1996    Department of Biology, Xinyang Normal University, China
                            Specializing in plant sciences and incorporating a 2-month
                            field-based Practice project at Lushan Mountain in Jiangxi
                             Province, Southeast China.


Work Experience
June 2011 –     Associate Professor,
                           South China Botanical Garden, 
                            Chinese Academy of Sciences
August 2009 – May 2011   Assistant Professor,
                                              South China Botanical Garden, 
                                              Chinese Academy of Sciences



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Research Interests

Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Orchidaceae



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