Jian Zhang,Ph.D,Professor/Doctoral Supervisor,Director of Center for Reproduction and Health Development.

“Hundred Talents Program” of CAS,2011,

Distinguished Younge Scholars of Shenzhen ,2012,

Shenzhen overseas high-level talents category C (Peacock plan),2014,

Shenzhen overseas high-level talents category B (Peacock plan),2016,

Member of American Diabetes Association, American Society for Endocrinology,

Member of reproductive biology branch of Chinese society of zoology

Research Achievements

1.   Prof. Zhang has discovered and successfully isolated and purified two peptide hormones: Obestatin and Neuronostatin; Applied for 34 international patents, 54 Chinese patents, of which 9 have been authorized.

2.    More than 75 papers have been published in domestic and foreign academic journals, including 59 SCI papers, including Science, J Hepatology,JBC, Molecular Endocrinology,Scientific Reports,Plos One and Molecular Human Reproduction, etc., with 1378 citations, and reviewers of many journals.

3.    Prof. Zhang now is the member of American Diabetes Association, American society for endocrinology, director of reproductive biology, branch of China zoological society.

4.    Fellowships: Graduate Innovation Grant of CAS, 2002; Excellence Award of CAS, 2003; the Best Posters of Weimar Germany, 2002.

Research Areas

Research interests include the discovery of active peptides and their roles in metabolism, reproduction and aging.

1) The role and mechanism of active peptides in the metabolic regulation of hypothalamic efficacious organ axis (adipose tissue, bone, muscle, etc.) and ovary;

2) The role and mechanism of active peptides in the regulation of maternal and fetal metabolic interaction between hypothalamic efficacious organ axis (adipose tissue, bone, muscle, etc.) and maternal metabolic risk.


1999-2003,Ph.D. in Physiology , Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Supervisor: Prof. Duan Enkui)


   2003-2008,Postdoctoral Research in Stanford University(Supervisor: Prof. Aaron JW Hsueh)

   2008-2010,Stanford University Research ScientistDec,2010 till now, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Work Experience

2003-2008,Postdoctoral Research in Stanford University(Supervisor: Prof. Aaron JW Hsueh)

      2008-2010,Stanford University Research ScientistDec,2010 till now, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

      2010-up to now,Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Researcher



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Applied 90 patents  and 40 have been authorized. Among them, 40 patents related to beauty/hair loss prevention,

 lipid and glucose reduction, fertility maintenance and anti-aging (10 have been authorized); 

23 health/functional food active ingredients and drugs patents (16 have been authorized); 

15 3D printing patents (3 have been authorized); 8 patents for gene and protein detection (2 have been authorized); 

2 device patents (2 have been authorized); 

2 patents for embryonic development and stem cells.

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