Zhenjun Han
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Mobile phone: 0086-10-69671882
Address: R345
Postcode: 100049

I am currently recruiting Master students on the area of Image processing, Computer vision and Machine learning, please drop me an email with your detailed information if interested.

Research Areas

Information Fusion

Object Tracking

Tiny Object Detection


Mar 2020 — We release the TinyBenchmark to help researchers develop better models and algorithms for tiny object detection (Link).

Feb 2020 — We (I am the General Chair) will organize the Real-world Recognition from Low-quality Inputs (RLQ) Workshop and the 1st Tiny Object Detection (TOD) Challenge with ECCV 2020 (Link).

Dec 2019 — I have one paper accepted by WACV 2020.

Sep 2019 — I have one paper accepted by TOMM.

Aug 2019 — I have one paper accepted by T-PAMI.

May 2019 — I have one paper accepted by PR.

Dec 2018 — I have one paper accepted by T-CSVT as the 1st author.




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(3) Session Chair and Meta-Reviewer of special issue: Multimedia Information Processing and Understanding for Intelligent Surveillance, 4th International Conference on Internet Multimedia Computing and Service


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