叶军涛 男  硕导 自动化研究所
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Research Areas

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computer graphics (particularly physically based simulation of cloth);
image/video processing and analysis; 
human motion tracking with sensors;

virtual reality


Ph.D, Computer Science, University of Western Ontario, Canada 09/2000 - 05/2005 

M.Sc., Applied Mathematics, AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 09/1997 - 07/2000 

B.Eng, Computers and Applications, Harbin Engineering University, China 09/1990 - 07/1994


Work Experience
01/2008 – Present  Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Associate Professor

08/2005 – 11/2007 Silicon Knights Inc., Ontario, Canada, senior programmer

08/1994 -- 07/1997 Genesoft Inc. of LangChao Group, programer 


(please refer to my Chinese webpage for up-to-date information)

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