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Research Areas

Psychology in Management


1996-2001, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences PhD
1992-1996,Department of Psychology, East China Normal University. BS


Work Experience
2004.1-2004.12, Director, Department of R&D, Beijing EAP Consulting Corp
2005.1-2006.12,Research Associate, Behavioral Research Center, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.
2007- Present Assistant Professor, Graduate University, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Teaching Experience

Personality Psychology, (2007-current)
Managerial Psychology (2007, 2008, 2009)
Consumer Behavior, (2009-current


Other Profession Service
Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Management Review (Chinese) (2008- Present)

Member of Advisory Committee, Graduate Student Mental Health Center of Graduate Students, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2007- Present)

Member of Committee of Youth Scholars, Chinese Psychology Association (2009- Present) 

Member of Chinese Psychology Association

Member of International Association of Chinese Management Research


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Research Interests

Psychology in management

Research Projects
1. The Human Resource Selection System Development for Shanghai Ruiqian Company, 2007.1-2007.12 ( PI )
2. The Research on the Influence of Innovation Environment on Creativity of Graduate Students 2009.1-2010.12. ( PI )
3. Psychological Resilience Project on Graduate Students 2011.1-2013.12. ( PI )
4. Creativity Development of Graduate Students at Academy of Military Medical Sciences, 2011.11-2012.12 ( PI )
5. Graduate Student Mental Health Screening System Development Project. 2011.11-2013.12 ( PI )
6. Mental Health Screening and Promotion Program for employees in Biomedicine . 2012.1-2012.12.


1. The Different Channels of the Effects of Support from Leader and Team Members on Creativity. IACMR Research Methodology Workshop, Xiamen, China, July, 2011.
2. The Prevalence of Behavior Problems of Migrant Students in Beijing and Comparison to Local Students. The 9th Biennial Conferences of Asian Association of Social Psychology, Kunming, China, Aug.2011
3. Personality Related Risk Factors of Suicide Ideation for Chinese Graduate Students, Inaugural conference of WHO-Beijing Collaborative Training Center for Suicide Prevention and Intervention , March 6-10, Beijing, China
4. Antecedents of suicide ideation among Chinese graduate students 3rd Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the International Association for Suicide Prevention(IASP), Oct.31- Nov.3,2008, Hong Kong SAR
5. The antecedent, process and consequence of leadership emergence in self managing teams: A quasi experimental study, the XXIX International Congress of Psychology (ICP), Berlin, Germany, July, 2008.
6. The longitudinal Research on organizational Socialization of New Employees:The Mediating Effect of P-O Fit, The 3rd Annual Conference of International Association for Chinese Management Research(IACMR), August 19-22, 2008, Guangzhou, China,
7. Chinese Mental Health and Suicide Related Issues. International Symposia on Intervention of Psychological Crisis, December15-16,2007, Beijing ,China.



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