Prof. Ph D. Jin-Liang FENG

Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research  
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Building 3, 16th Lincui Road, Chaoyang  
Beijing, 100101

Research Areas

Geomorphology, Quaternary geology, Surficial geochemistry


  1. 1999–2002: Peking University; Ph. D.
  2. 1988–1991: Geological College of Chengdu; Master Degree.
  3. 1980–1982: Geological school of Changchun.


Work Experience
  1. 2004–. Institute of Tibet Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  2. 2002–2004. Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  3. 1991–2002. The Institute of Geography, Hebei Academy of Sciences.
  4. 1982–1988: The Hebei Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources.



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Research Interests

Weathering processes and weathering products, Eolian processes and sediments, Geomorphological processes and sedimentology



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