Min  Yang


 Deputy director 

 Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

P. O. Box 2871 
18 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, 100085 
People’s Republic of China 

Email: yangmin@rcees.ac.cn

Research Areas

  • Behavior of hazardous pollutants (including taste/odor compounds and pathogens) in water

  • Risk assessment and management for drinking water

  • Water and wastewater treatment technologies

  • Microbial ecology


Ph.D.(1992), Hiroshima University, Japan

MSc. (1989) Hiroshima University, Japan

BSc. (1985) East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China


Work Experience

2012-present, Deputy director, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

1998-present, Professor, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

1992-1998,  Research Scientist, Central Laboratory, Organo Co., Japan



Published SCI paper more than 200,some listed below:

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41.    Xin Wang, Haifeng Zhang, Yahe Zhang,Quan Shi,Juan Wang Jianwei Yu, Min Yang*New Insights into Trihalom ethane and Haloacetic Acid Formation Potentials: Correlation with the Molecular Composition of Natural Organic Matter in Source Water .Environmental Science & Technology.2017,51,2015-2021.

Research Interests

Behavior of hazardous pollutants (including taste/odor compounds and pathogens) in water

Risk assessment and management for drinking water

Water and wastewater treatment technologies

Microbial ecology



杨清香  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

刘娟  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

邬晓梅  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

吕文洲  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

余剑锋  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

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刘新春  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

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汪严明  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

何士龙  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

梁存珍  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

安立会  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

张昱  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

王振宇  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

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孙晓杭  硕士研究生  083002-环境工程  

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张晶  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

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王万峰  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

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胡波  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

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易其臻  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

潘申龄  硕士研究生  083002-环境工程  

田哲  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

郭庆园  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

王鑫  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

宝露尔  硕士研究生  083002-环境工程  

李霞  硕士研究生  083002-环境工程  

杨凯  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  


陈红瑞  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

杨思敏  硕士研究生  083002-环境工程  

陈东  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

范念斯  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

贾泽宇  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

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卢俊颖  硕士研究生  083002-环境工程  

李嘉宝  硕士研究生  083002-环境工程  

桑晨惠   硕士研究生  077601-环境科学  

孙光溪  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

韩小刚   硕士研究生  083002-环境工程  

王春苗  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

田野  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

周文理  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

臧利杰  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

贺裕鹏  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

呼延佼奇  博士研究生  083002-环境工程  

何纳轮  硕士研究生  083002-环境工程  

尚越飞  硕士研究生  083002-环境工程  

陆金平  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

Honors & Distinctions

  1. 2001:    Best Performance Award for Hundred Talents, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  2. 2004:    Science and Technology Progress Award, 2nd Class, Beijing City

  3. 2006:    Science and Technology Progress Award, 2nd Class, Chinese State Council

  4. 2006:    Award for Outstanding Young Scholars, National Science Foundation ofChina

  5. 2008:    Advanced Individual of Science and technology Olympics, 29th Olympic Games             Science and Technology Committee

  6. 2008:    Chinese Academy of Sciences Advanced Individual of Earthquake-Relief , Chinese           Academy of Sciences

  7. 2009:    State-level Candidate for New Century Million-and-10-Million Talents Project

  8. 2009:    Huaxia Construction Award, 2nd Class, Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural             Development, China

  9. 2010:    Advanced Worker, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  10. 2010:    Project Innovation Award, International Water Association

  11. 2017:    The National Natural Science Award, 2nd class  

  12. 2016:     Technology Award for China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation ,2nd class

  13. 2015:     Beijing Science and Technology Award, 3rd class

  14. 2015:     Chinese Academy of Sciences and Technology Promote and Development Award,2nd class