Yu Liu, professor, doctoral supervisor, Institute of Earth Environment, CAS


Telephone: 029-62336225 

Address: No. 97, Yanxiang Road, Yanta District, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, China

Postcode: 710061 


Quaternary geology


Research Statement

The laboratory is committed to reconstructing climate change and understanding its mechanisms in China mainly over the past millennium, using traditional proxies such as tree-ring width and density, and more importantly, tree-ring isotopes.

Talents interested in Quaternary geology, climate change or geochemistry are warmly welcomed.

Education Background

In 1999, ph.D., Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In 1986, bachelor, Nanjing University.


Deputy director of Institute of Earth Environment, CAS;

Visiting professor at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden;

Visiting professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University;

Former Chairman of the Asian Tree Ring Association.

Honors & Awards:

2005 the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund

2008 Wang Kuancheng Western Scholars Outstanding Contribution Award

2008 Natural Science Award (second class)

2007 Scientific Progress Award in Shaanxi Province (first class )

2010 Award for Dendroclimatology in Northern China

2011 Scientific Progress Award in Shaanxi Province (second class)


Prof. Liu has published more than 150 papers (including over 76 papers indexed by SCI). Noticeably Prof. Liu is also an executive member and deputy secretary-general of Quaternary Science Research Association of China, assoiate editor of Dendrochronologia (Switzerland), editorial board member of Science Bulletin (Chinese), Quaternary Research and Earth Environment .

Some representative papers are listed below:

       1.        Yu Liu*, Xinjia Zhang, Huiming Song, Qiufang Cai, Qiang Li, Boyang Zhao, Han Liu, Ruochen Mei, Tree‑ring‑width‑based PDSI reconstruction for central Inner Mongolia, China over the past 333 years. Climate Dynamics, (2016). DOI 10.1007/s00382-016-3115-6;   

  2.        Yu Liu*, Yanhua Zhang, Qiufang Cai, Huiming Song, Yongyong Ma, Ruochen Mei, The tree-ring width based seasonal minimum temperature reconstruction at Shiren Mountains, Henan, China since 1850 AD and its record of 20th century warming. Journal of Earth Environment, (2015), 6(6): DOI: 10.7515/JEE20150600;   

  3.        Yu Liu*Yanchao Wang, Qiang Li, Huiming Song, Yanhua Zhang, Tree-ring based June–September mean relative humidity reconstruction since 1837 in the Yiwulü Mountain, China. International Journal of Climatology, (2015), 35: 1301-1308.  DOI: 10.1002/joc.4057;  

  4.        Yu Liu*, Yanchao Wang, Qiang Li,  Huiming Song, Hans W Linderhlom, Steven W Leavitt, Ruiyuan Wang, Zhisheng An, Tree-ring stable carbon isotope-based May–July temperature reconstruction over Nanwutai, China, for the past century and its record of 20thcentury warming. Quaternary Sciences Reviews, (2014), 93, 7-76;   

  5.        Yu Liu*, Yanchao Wang, Qiang Li, Junyan Sun, Huiming Song, Qiufang Cai, Yanhua Zhang, Zhonglin Yuan, Zhongyu Wang, Reconstructed May-July mean maximum temperature since 1745 AD based on tree-ring width of Pinus tabulaeformis in Qianshan Mountain, China. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, (2013), 388, 145-152;  

  6.        Yu Liu*, Ying Lei, Bo Sun, Huiming Song, Qiang Li, Annual precipitation variability inferred from tree-ring width chronologies in the Changling-Shoulu region, China, during AD 1853-2007, Dendrochronologia, (2013) 31, 290–296, doi:10.1016/j.dendro.2013.02.001;   

  7.        Yu Liu*, Ying Lei, Bo Sun, Huiming Song, Junyan Sun, Annual precipitation in Liancheng, China, since 1777AD derived from tree rings of Chinese pine (Pinus tabulaeformis Carr.), International Journal of Biometeorology, (2013) 57, 927–934, doi:10.1007/s00484-012-0618-7;   

  8.        Yu Liu*, Bo Sun, Huiming Song, Ying Lei, Caiyong Wang, Tree-ring-based precipitation reconstruction for Mt. Xinglong, China, since AD 1679, Quaternary International, 283 (2013), 46–54;  

  9.        Yu Liu*, Ruiyuan Wang, Steven W Leavitt, Huiming Song, Hans W Linderhlom, Qiang Li, Zhisheng An, Individual and pooled tree-ring stable-carbon isotope series in Chinese pine from the Nan Wutai region, China: Common signal and climate relationships, Chemical Geology, 330-331 (2012), 17–26;   

  10.    Yu Liu *, Caiyong Wang, Wenjun Hao, Huiming Song, Qiufang Cai, Hua Tian, Bo Sun, Hans W. Linderholm, Tree-ring-based annual precipitation reconstruction in Kalaqin, Inner Mongolia for the last 238 years, Chinese Science Bulletin, 56(28–29)(2011), 2995–3002, (中英文同时发表)科学通报, 56(25) (2011), 2052–2059;  

  11.    Yu Liu *, Qiufang Cai, Huiming Song, Zhisheng An, Hans W. Linderholm, Amplitudes, rates, periodicities and causes of temperature variations in the past 2485 years and future trends over the central-eastern Tibetan Plateau, Chinese Science Bulletin, 56(28–29) (2011), 2986–2994, (中英文同时发表) 科学通报, 56(25) (2011), 2042–2051; 

  12.    Yu Liu*, Hua Tian, Huiming Song, Jianming Liang, Tree ring precipitation reconstruction in the Chifeng-Weichang region, China, and East Asian summer monsoon variation since A.D. 1777, Journal of Geophysical Research, 115 (D06103) (2010), doi: 10.1029/2009JD012330;  

  13.    Yu Liu*, Junyan Sun, Huiming Song, Qiufang Cai, Guang Bao, Xuxiang Li, Tree-ring hydrologic reconstructions for the Heihe River watershed, western China since AD 1430, Water Research, 44 (9) (2010), 2781–2792;  

  14.    Yu Liu*, Guang Bao, Huiming Song, Qiufang Cai, Junyan Sun, Precipitation reconstruction from Hailar pine (Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica) tree rings in the Hailar region, Inner Mongolia, China back to 1865 AD, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 282 (1–4) (2009), 81–87;  

  15.    Yu Liu*, Hans W. Linderholm, Huiming Song, Qiufang Cai, Qinhua Tian, Junyan Sun, Deliang Chen, Elisabeth Simelton, Kristina Seftigen, Hua Tian, Ruiyuan Wang, Guang Bao, Zhisheng An, Temperature variations recorded in Pinus tabulaeformis tree rings from the southern and northern slopes of the central Qinling Mountains, central China, Boreas, 38 (2) (2009), 285–291;  

  16.    Yu Liu, Weiyuan Ta, Tingyi Bao, Zengyue Yang, Huiming Song, Na Liu, Weiping Wang, Hongyi Zhang, Wei Zhang, Zhisheng An, Trace elements in tree rings and their environmental effects: A case study in Xi’an City, Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences, 52 (4) (2009), 504–510,  (中英文同时发表)中国科学 D 地球科学, 38 (11)(2008), 1413–1418; 

  17.    Yu Liu*, Zhisheng An, Hans W. Linderholm, Deliang Chen, Huiming Song, Qiufang Cai, Junyan Sun, Hua Tian, Annual temperatures during the last 2485 years in the mid-eastern Tibetan Plateau inferred from tree rings, Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences, 52 (3) (2009), 348–359,   (中英文同时发表)中国科学 D 地球科学, 39 (2)(2009), 166–176;  

  18.    Yu Liu*, Qiufang Cai, Weiguo Liu, Yinke Yang, Junyan Sun, Huiming Song, Xuxiang Li, Monsoon precipitation variation recorded by tree-ring δ18O in arid Northwest China since AD 1878, Chemical Geology, 252 (1–2) (2008), 56–61;  

  19.    Yu Liu*, Junyan Sun, Yinke Yang, Qiufang Cai, Huiming Song, Jiangfeng Shi, Zhisheng An, Xuxiang Li, Tree-ring-derived precipitation records from Inner Mongolia, China, since A.D. 1627, Tree-ring Research, 63 (1) (2007), 3–14;  

  20.    Yu Liu*, Zhisheng An, Haizhou Ma, Qiufang Cai, Zhengyu Liu, John. E. Kutzbach, Jiangfeng Shi, Huiming Song, Junyan Sun, Liang Yi, Qiang Li, Yinke Yang, Lei Wang, Precipitation variation in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau recorded by the tree rings since 850 AD and its relevance to the Northern Hemisphere temperature, Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences, 49(4)(2006), 408–420    (中英文同时发表) 中国科学 D 地球科学, 36 (5) (2006), 461–471; 

Students List


史江峰  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

孙军艳  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

蔡秋芳  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

宋慧明  硕士研究生  083001-环境科学  

杨银科  硕士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

李强  硕士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

王雷  硕士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

易亮  硕士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

田沁花  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

田华  硕士研究生  083001-环境科学  

包光  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

王瑞媛  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

孙铂  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

雷莺  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

王艳超  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

宋慧明  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

解利  硕士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

张同文  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

张艳华  硕士研究生  083001-环境科学  

他维媛  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

任军莉  硕士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

赵伯阳  硕士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

马永永  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

张欣佳  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

刘涵  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

胡思乐  硕士研究生  077601-环境科学  


梅若晨  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

方从羲  博士研究生  083001-环境科学  

任萌  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

王璐  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

曾雪莉  硕士研究生  077602-环境工程  

史雯欣  硕士研究生  070902-地球化学  

李珮  硕士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

崔琳琳  博士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学  

王研  博士研究生  070902-地球化学  

李腾  硕士研究生  070905-第四纪地质学