Zhihong Li 

Professor of Public Policy and Management
Telephone: +86-01-88256005
Address: 19A Yuquan Rd., Beijing, China

Research Areas

Public Management

Policy of  Science & Technology 

Philosophy of  Technology


Ph.D., Renmin University, 2002.

Teaching Courses

Stratagy and Policy of Science and Technology

Public Human Resource Management

Work Experience

Associate Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, GUCAS, 2002 - 2015

Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Management, UCAS,2015-2020

Professor, School of Public Policy and Management, UCAS, 2020-Present

Selected Publications

Li Zhihong, Zheng Chao, ‘Low Carbon Life: a Change in The Way of Life’, Journal of Engineering Studies [J], 2012(3): 287-295

Li Zhihong, Guo Xin, ‘The Analysis and Discussion on The Public Employment Service of The Youth Floating Population’, China Youth Study [J], 2012(7): 45-51

Liu Zi Jiao, Li Zhihong, ‘A Comparative Study on The Science and Technology Reports of China and America News Weekly’, Studies in Dialectics of Nature [J], 2012(9): 71-76

Liu Zi Jiao, Li Zhihong, ‘Authoritative and International Analysis of the Science and Technology Report of The Times of The United States’, Study on Science Popularization [J], 2013, 8(5):71-75

Zheng Chao, Li Zhihong, ‘Research on The Influencing Factors of The Universal Service Effects of Social Information of Climate Change’, Studies in Dialectics of Nature [J], 2013(9): 85-89

Li Honglin, Li Zhihong, ‘Current Situation and Development Suggestion of Information Dissemination Management of National Scientific Research Institutions’, Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences [J], 2014(6):739-746

Shi Xiangrong, Li Zhihong, ‘Analysis of The Causes and Countermeasures of Migrant Peasants into The Urban Social Problems from The Perspective of Media’, China Newspaper Industry [J], 2015(8):84-85

Zhang Meng, Li Zhihong, Huang Baorong, Li Yingming, Chen Shaofeng, ‘Generation and Evolution of the Green City Idea and the Comparative Analysis of its Connotation and Features’, Ecological Economy[J], 2016(5):9-13:205-210

Hu Zhigang, Li Zhihong, ‘Analysis on The Academic Community and The Hot Spots of The Science of Science in China in The Last Ten Years’, Science of Science and Management of S. & T. [J], 2009, 30(7):13-18

Xu Jin, Li Zhihong, ‘The Mode Selection of Independent Innovation of Chinese Software Enterprises’, Studies in Dialectics of Nature [J], 2009(6):56-60

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