王云鹏 男 汉族 博导 广州地球化学研究所
Wang Yunpeng, male, Han nationality, Ph. D. advisor, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry
Telephone: 02085290197
Mobile phone:
Address: 511 Kehua Street, Guangzhou, China
Postcode: 510640

Research Areas

Oil-gas Geochemistry, Remote Sensing and GIS of Environment


Lanzhou University, China Geology BS 1990
GYIG-CAS Remote Sensing Geology MSc 1992
GIG-CAS Remote Sensing Geochemistry Ph.D. 1996


Work Experience
Assistant Professor SKLOG, GIG-CAS 1996-1999
Associate Professor SKLOG, GIG-CAS 1999-2001
Visiting Scholar Imperial College London 2003
Visiting Scholar Brookhaven National Laboratory 2004
Professor SKLOG, GIG-CAS 2002-present
Teaching Experience
Remote sensing of Environment, 2010
Environmental GIS Modeling, 2010
Basin Modeling and Application, 2009

Honors & Distinctions

The CAS Presendent Fellowship for outstanding students, 1992
The Regional Erosion and Envrionmental effect in the Karst areas of middle Guizhou, The Provincial 2nd-ranked Science and Technology Awards of Guizhou, 1998
The formation kinetics theory and technology study of overlay basins in China,
The Provincial 2nd-ranked Science and Technology Awards of Guangdong, 2006
The new theory, technology and application of high-efficency gas reservoir in the key land exploration areas of China, The National  2nd-ranked Science and Technology Awards of China, 2009.



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* Corresponding author

1. A reflective-type apparatus of measuing indoor reflctance of fluids, 01209717.9,Authorized date: Jan. 4, 2002.
2. A refractive-type apparatus of measuing indoor reflctance of fluids, 01209718.7,Authorized date: Dec. 28, 2001.
3. Urban Sprawl modeling software, 095048, Registrating date: April 24, 2008, Registation no. 2008SR07869.
4.A  FLASH-based WebGIS system, 0161811号;Registrating date: Aug. 28, 2009, Registation no. 2009SR034812.
5. GIS-based evaluation software of gas source ketchin, 0261954, Registrating date: Dec. 28, 2010, Registration no. 2010SR073681.

Research Interests

Oil gas geochemistry, Remote Sensing of Environment, Environmental GIS modeling, Scientific Database


1. Yunpeng Wang, Yan Li, Jinzhong Liu, Hongjun Wang & Changyi Zhao, Gas Compositions and Isotopes from Hydrocarbon and NSO Fractions of a Marine Rock Extracts: An Experiment Study in Closed System and Implications, AAPG Hedberg Research Conference, May 9-13, 2011, Beijing (Oral Presentation).
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11. Yunpeng Wang, Fenglei Fan, Jinqu Zhang, Chun Ye, Land use change detection in Pearl River Delta Area from 1998 to 2003 using Landsat TM/ETM+ data: Change magnitude, spatial pattern and socio-economic implications, The 9th International Symposium on Physical Measurements and Signature in Remote Sensing (ISPMSRS), Beijing. China.Oct. 17-19, 2005, oral presentation.


2003-2004:Collaboration with Imperial College London, UK, "Detection of oil gas microseepage alteration using Remote Sensing"
2005: NSFC-Roayl Society project, "Sino-UK workshop on Environmental Geochemistry"
2004-2005: Collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA, 'Study of Organic matter in source rocks in FTIR'
2006-2008: Collaboration with University of Macau, "Remote Sensing study of Urban Heat Island of Macau"
2009-present: Collaboration with the Chinese University of Hong Kong: "Remote Sensing study of landuse change effect on coastal water quality"



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