Yizhong Fan


Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
No. 2 West Beijing Road 
Nanjing 210008
P. R. China
Telephone: 86-25-83332174 

Research Areas

High energy astrophysics (Gamma-ray Bursts, cosmic rays, neutrino); 
Dark matter (indirect detection)


2004.9-2005.8: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, visiting scholar/student (Supervisor: Prof. Bing Zhang)
2003.9-2005.9: Purple Mountain Observatory, PhD student on Astrophysics (Supervisor: Prof. Da-Ming Wei)
2000.9-2003.7: Nanjing University, Master student on Astrophysics (Supervisor: Prof. Zi-Gao Dai)
1996.9-2000.7: Chang’an University, Undergraduate on Survey Engineering (Supervisor: Prof. Qin Zhang)


Work Experience
2012.5-: Vice director of the Scientific Application System of Dark Matter Particle Explorer, a space mission launched on Dec. 17th 2015
2010.4-: Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor
2009.12-2010.3: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, short term scholar 
2007.9-2009.11: University of Copenhagen, postdoc
2005.11-2007.8: Hebrew University, postdoc (Supervisor: Prof. Tsvi Piran)
Teaching Experience

Honors & Distinctions

2015: The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China
2012: The foundation for distinguished young Scholars of Jiangsu Province, China
2009: Top 100 PhD Theses in China
2007: ESI new hot paper


(1) The Photospheric Radiation Model for the Prompt Emission of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Interpreting Four Observed Correlations,The Astrophysical Journal Letters,2012,The first author
(2) Statistical interpretation of the spatial distribution of current 130 GeV $gamma$-ray line signal within the dark matter annihilation scenario,Physics Letters B,2012,The corresponding author 
(3) Sw 1644+57/GRB 110328A: The Physical Origin and the Composition of the Relativistic Outflow,The Astrophysical Journal Letters,2011,The corresponding author 
(4) Very old isolated compact objects as dark matter probes,Physical Review D,2011,The first author 
(5) Are GRB 090423 and Similar Bursts due to Superconducting Cosmic Strings,Physical Review Letters,2011,The corresponding author 
(6) XRF 100316D/SN 2010bh: Clue to the Diverse Origin of Nearby Supernova-associated Gamma-ray Bursts,The Astrophysical Journal,2011,The first author
(7) Electron/positron Excesses in the Cosmic Ray Spectrum and Possible Interpretations,International Journal of Modern Physics D,2010,The first author
(8) The Bulk Lorentz Factor of Outflow Powering X-ray Flare in Gamma-ray Burst Afterglow,The Astrophysical Journal,2010,The second author
(9) The spectrum of γ-ray burst: a clue,Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,2010,The first author
(10) The possible high-energy emission from GRB 080319B and origins of the GeV emission of GRBs 080514B, 080916C and 081024B,Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,2009,The corresponding author 
(11) Interpretation and implications of the non-detection of GeV spectrum excess by the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope in most gamma-ray bursts,Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,2009,The first author
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(16) Physical Processes Shaping Gamma-Ray Burst X-Ray Afterglow Light Curves: Theoretical Implications from the Swift X-Ray Telescope Observations,The Astrophysical Journal,2006,The second author
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(19) Late internal-shock model for bright X-ray flares in gamma-ray burst afterglows and GRB 011121,Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters,2005,The first author
(20) The very early afterglow powered by ultra-relativistic mildly magnetized outflows,Astronomy and Astrophysics,2004,The first author




High energy astrophysics: I’m collaborating with Profs. Da-Ming Wei, Bing Zhang, Tsvi Piran, Stefano Covino and some other Chinese scholars.

Dark Matter: I’m collaborating with Prof. Jin Chang, Dr. Qiang Yuan and some other Chinese scholars.



周贝  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理  

杨宾  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理  

李尚  硕士研究生  070401-天体物理  

李翔  博士研究生  070401-天体物理  

Research Interests