About me
Shihong Xia is a professor at the Institute of Computing Technology, CAS. He is leading a research group working on human animation, facial animation, user interface, motion capture and motion analysis.

Contact Info
Tel:86 10 62600652

Research Areas

Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Intelligent User Interface


Selected conference papers:
[1]Modeling Style and Variation in Human Motion. ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation 2010: 21-30.
[2]Motion Track: Visualizing Variations of Human Motion Data. Pacific Visualization 2010: 153-160.
[3]A Semantic Environment Model for Crowd Simulation in Multilayered Complex Environment. ACM VRST 2009: 191-198.
[4]Indexing and Retrieval of Human Motion Data by a Hierarchical Tree. ACM VRST 2009: 207-214.
[5]CrowdViewer: From Simple Script to Large-scale Virtual Crowds. ACM VRST 2007: 113-116.
[6]Pose Synthesis Using the Inverse Jacobian Matrices Learned from Examples. IEEE VR 2007: 99-106.
[7]A Robust Method for Analyzing the Physical Correctness of Motion Capture Data. ACM VRST 2006: 338-341.
[8]From motion capture data to character animation. ACM VRST 2006: 165-168.
[9]A Novel Framework for Athlete Training Based on Interactive Motion Editing and Silhouette Analysis. ACM VRST 2005: 56-58.
[10]Total Least Squares Fitting of Point Sets in m-D. Computer Graphics International 2005: 82-86.

Selected journal papers:
[0]Exploring Nonlinear Relationship of Blendshape Facial Animation. Computer Graphics Forum 2011.(in press).
[1]Continuum Crowd Simulation in Complex Environments. Computers & Graphics 2010, 34(5): 537-544.
[2]Recent advances on virtual human synthesis. Science in China Series F: Information Sciences. 52(5): 741-757, 2009.
[3]Efficient motion data indexing and retrieval with local similarity measure of motion strings. The Visual Computer. 25(5-7): 499-508, 2009.
[4]Facial Animation by Optimized Blendshapes from Motion Capture Data. The Journal of Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, Volume 19 Issue 3-4, 235-245, 2008.
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[6]Physics-based simulation of human motion in flight. Journal of Software, 19(12):3228-3236, 2008. (in Chinese)
[7]Digital 3D Trampoline Simulating System-VHTrampoline. Chinese Journal of Computers, 30(3), 498-505, 2007.
[8]Solving geometric constraint problems using the theory in distance geometry. Chinese Journal of Computers, 28(7): 1242-1247, 2005.
[9]Automated proving for a class of constructive geometric inequalities. Chinese Journal of Computers, 26(7): 769-778, 2003.