Song, Xianfeng
Professor, Remote Sensing and GIS Section,
College of Resources and Environment,
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Email: xfsong (at)
Tel: +86-10-88256432
Fax: +86-10-88256152
19A, Yuquan Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing 100049, China

Research Areas

Geographic Information System (GIS)
Geo-sensor data collection, Geo-Processing and Geospatial Analysis,  Web GIS
Environmental Remote Sensing and GIS
Modelling Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield Using SWAT, Soil Mapping with Remote Sensing and GIS 


BS, China University of Mining & Technology, Coal Geology, 1992
MS, China University of Mining & Technology, Remote Sensing Geology, 1995
PhD, Institute of Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Geographic Informaion System (GIS), 1998


Work Experience
June. 2011 -  Present
Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
July. 2005 - May. 2011
Associate Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Apr. 2002 – June 2005
Assistant Professor, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
Apr. 2000 - Mar. 2002
Postdoctor, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
Sept. 1998 - Mar. 2000
IT Manager at Chinese Investment Corporation for Sciences and Technology
Teaching Experience

Introduction to Geographic Information System, 2 credits/40 hours
Environmental Modeling with GIS, 2 credits/40 hours 
Web GIS, 2 credits/40 hours (Co-teaching)
Advanced GIS Algorithms, 1 credits/20 hours



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  • Runkui Li*, A-Xing Zhu, Xianfeng Song and Ming Cui, Seasonal dynamics of runoff-sediment relationship and its controlling factors in black soil region of northeast China. Journal of Resources and Ecology, 2010(4):345-352.

Research Interests

Environmental Modeling and Resource Management with Remote Sensing and GIS. 
Open Standard and Open Source Geospatial Engineering.
Geo-sensor network for environmental data capture.