Zhi-Hui Wang
Professor of School of Engineering Science
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone: 010-88256133
Address: 19A Yuquan Road, Beijing, P.R. China
Postcode: 100049

Research Areas

Aerodynamics, Aerothermodynamics, High-temperature gas dynamics, Rarefied gas dynamics.


2006.9-2011.7  Ph.D degree in Fluid Mechanics, School of Physics, UCAS
2002.9-2006.7  B.Sc. degree in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Department of Modern Mechanics, USTC


Work Experience

2018.12 - now  Professor, School of Engineering Science, UCAS

2015.9 - 2018.11  Associate Professor, School of Engineering Science, UCAS

2013.6 - 2015.9  Associate Professor, School of Physics, UCAS

2011.7 - 2013.9  Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow, School of Physics, UCAS

Teaching Experience

Asymptotic Methods in Mathematical Physics
Introduction to Fluid Dynamics
General Physics I: Mechanics (Senior TA)
General Physics II: Thermodynamics (Senior TA)

Honors & Distinctions

  1. Youth Innovation Promotion Association,Chinese  Academy of Sciences (2017)
  2. The Distinguished Paper Award of 《Physics of Gases》 (2016)
  3. Second Class Military Science and Technology Progress Award (ranking 3/10, 2015).
  4. Springer Theses Prize (2014)
  5. The Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of  Chinese  Academy of Sciences (2013)
  6. The Distinguished Paper Award of 《Physics of Gases- Theory and Applications》 (2010)


Google Scholar: Zhi-Hui Wang

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Research Interests

Rarefied Gas Effects and Non-equilibrium Real Gas Effects in the hypersonic flow and aero-heating problems.



沈昊嫣  硕士研究生  085206-动力工程  


陶瑞灵  硕士研究生  080103-流体力学