Dr Wei You, Instituted of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Address: Zhongguancun North First Street 2, Beijing, China, 100190
Zip: 100190

Research Areas

Solid polyelectrolytes are one of the most important energy materials interconverting chemical energy and electricity. They are essential components in a variety of energy converting devices, including fuel cell, electrolysis, electrodialysis, ion battery, redox flow battery, supercapacitor, etc. These polyelectrolytes do not conduct electrons; instead, they specifically transport cations or anions throughout the solid membrane materials. Additionally, the use of polyelectrolytes in electrochemical devices can also simplify assembly issues, avoid liquid leaking, reduce overall cost, and improve safety performance.

However, the above-mentioned electrochemical devices require different types of polyelectrolyte membranes. Thus we need to adjust the structures and functions of these membranes according to their specific requirements. The focus of our research group is to perform interdisciplinary research studying the frontiers of organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and electrochemistry. We are using organic synthesis as a tool to prepare novel polymer materials, so that they can be used in clean and efficient energy conversion. In the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, we are taking advantage the research platform and achievements of the Key Laboratory of Engineering Plastics to combine polymer chemistry with organic chemistry and electrochemistry.


Indiana University, BloomingtonIndiana                                                                           Aug 2011-May 2016

        Ph.D., Chemistry

        Emphasis on organic chemistry and organometallic chemistry

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China                                                                                    Aug 2007-July 2011

        B.S., Chemistry

        Emphasis on chemical biology and organometallic chemistry


             Principal Investigator, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences                     Nov 2019-present

       Design and synthesis of polyelectrolytes with novel structures and enhanced proper

       Develop new polymerization strategies towards functional materials


Postdoctoral Associate ResearchCornell University                                                         June 2016-Oct 2019

      Advisor: Prof. Geoffrey W. Coates

       Synthesized anion exchange membranes for alkaline fuel cells

      • Investigated the applications of ring-opening-metathesis-polymerization (ROMP)


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•          Invited review

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#          These authors contributed equally to the completion of this work.

•           Invited Viewpoint.

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#          These authors contributed equally to the completion of this work.

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