Professor Zhicheng Tang, Lanzhou Institute of  Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Telephone: 0931-4968083
Address: No.18, Tianshui Road, Lanzhou city, Gansu Province, China.
Postcode: 730000

Research Areas

Research on catalytic elimination of atmospheric environmental pollutants


09/2008-05/2011  postdoctor,  Petrochina

09/2003-06/2008  doctor' degree, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics

09/1999-07/2003  bachelor' degree, Xiangtan University


Work Experience

01/2017-02/2017   Visited researcher,  Curtin University,

07/2015-now         Professor, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics

05/2011-07/2015   Associate professor, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics


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(30) Butene catalytic cracking to ethylene and propylene on fluorinated ZSM-5-based catalyst, React. Kinet. Mech. Catal., 2013.

Research Interests

1. Selective catalytic reduction of NOx.

2. Low temperature catalytic oxidation of CO.

3. Catalytic combustion of VOCs and Cl-VOCs.

4. Other catalytic elemination of air pollutants.

5. Novel catalytic nanomaterials.



赵吟霜  硕士研究生  081705-工业催化  


丁成秀  硕士研究生  070304-物理化学  

付自浩  硕士研究生  085216-化学工程  

黄晓昇  博士研究生  070304-物理化学  

韩维高  博士研究生  070304-物理化学