Kai-song Zhang Ph.D Profossor of Environmental Engineering
Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Telephone: 0086-592-6190782(O) 0086-592-6190782(Lab)
Address: 1799, Jimei Road, Xiamen, China
Postcode: 361021

Research Interests

1. Antifouling Membrane Materials: design, fabrication and process
2. Membrane fouling: process and mechanism
3. Membrane Bioreactor with slug bubbling
4. Water & Wastewater treatment, Seperationand purification technology 

Education and Research

7/2013-12/2013: Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting researcher, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, Collaborated with Prof. Robert Field and Prof. Ian Thompson. Biofilm control: developing the role of nano-silver and the modelling of biofilm development, supported by RAEng,UK 

8/2006- Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences
6/2010-9/2010 Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Oxford
6/2005-6/2006 Department of Engineering Sciences,University of Oxford
9/2000-5/2005 Ph.D. Graduate school of Chinese Academy of Sciences 
9/1996-7/2000 B.S. College of Marine Biology, Ocean University of China


Development of polymer mixed matrix membranes loaded with porous additive for liquid separations. Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS.   1.0M (2018.1-2020.12) .

2D nanocomposite membrane: process and mechanism. Bureau of Frontier Science and Education, CAS.  2.5 M (2017.7-2021.12)

2D nanocomposite nanofiltration membrane for the next generation water treatment. Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS. 1.0M (2016.1-2018.12)

Nanofiltration membranes and facilities for water purification. Sunrain Co. Ltd. 2.3 M(ongoing)

Antifouling Flat Sheet Membrane Bioreactors. Oxiamembrane Co.Ltd. 1.6 M(ongoing)

Fabrication of advanced nanofiltration membrane: from lab to industry. Supported by Xiamen Bureau of Science and Technology. 500K

Microcosmic process and controlling strategy of membrane fouling in MBR. Supported by National Nature Science Foundation of China (No. 50708090) 200K

A new approach to non-invasive studies of membrane fouling process by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Supported by Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province (No. 2009J5032) 50K

Innovation on anti-fouling and the molecular mechanism of biofouling in MBR. Supported by the Knowledge Innovation Program of CAS (No.KZCX2-YW-452) 1.15M

Anaerobic membrane bioreactors: molecular microbial ecology of anaerobic granular biomass and anti-fouling strategy. Scholarship of President of CAS. 100K

Advanced thin film nanocomposite NF membrane: fabrication, characterization and process. Supported by IUE, CAS,800K

Advanced nanocomposite membrane for gasoline recycle. Supported by Bureau of Science and Technology for development, CAS. 600K

Anti-fouling membrane material with biomimic nanostructure: design and fabrication. Supported by the K.C.Wong Education Foundation, Hong Kong. 100K

Biological dewater process and agriculture reuse of the sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plant. Supported by Ministry of Science and Technology, China (2008ZX07317-0032) 815K

Anaerobic bioreactor with seaweed bioflim and its application to treat the first flush rainwater. Supported by Foundation of Key Lab of CAS. 30K

Membrane bioreactor with slug bubbling. Supported by the Knowledge Innovation Program of CAS. 100K

Biofilm control and modeling with biogenic nano silver. The Research Exchange with China/India scheme, Royal Academy of Engineering (2013) (with Robert Field, and Ian Thompson, Oxford).12K GBP.

The enhanced biodry process for sludge treatment in pilot scale. Research and development with a local company.Supported by Xiamen Bureau of Science and Technology.600K.

Eco-block for recycling urban waste solid. Supported by Xiamen Bureau of Science and Technology. with Prof. C.S.Poon, HK PolyU. 400K

Demo projects of low cost decentralized wastewater treatment in typical rural area in Longyan,Fujian. Fujian Department of Sciences and Technology. 300K. (Three projects focus on town, commercialized community and country side respectively)

Demo project of wastewater recycling and rainwater harvesting in Urban Community. 400K.


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Dr Robert Field and Prof. Zhanfeng Cui(Oxford University), Slug bubbling MBR and Membrane fouling

Dr Bradley Ladewig and Prof. Huanting Wang(Monash University), Functional membrane materials

Prof. lingxue Kong (Deakin University), CFD and membrane fouling

Prof.Zongli Xie, Prof. Mathew  Hill (CSIRO)  Advanced membrane



Meng Yao, Ph.D student 
Jian Huang, Ph.D student 
Yin Liu, Ph.D student 
Jun Xiang, Ph.D student 
Guodan Cheng, M.S. student
Manying Zhang,M.S. student 
Yanghua Deng, M.S. student 

Former students

Yiwei Ren, D.E 2010.3 Study on the design, preparation of intestine-like membrane and its anti-fouling characteristics

Peng Wei, M.E. 2010.6 The Investigation on Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Flat Sheet MBR Module with Slug Bubbling