Gaowa Jin, DICP, CAS

Associate Professor

Research Areas

Anlytical Chemistry

Chromatographic separation and Mass Spectrum analysis


1999.9-2003.6 Inner Mongolia University

2003.9-2009.1 DICP, CAS


Work Experience

2009.5-2011.5 East China Sea Fisheries Research Institute Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

2011.5-now, DICP,CAS



1. Gaowa Jin, Yanming Liu, Fan Yang, Dongping Yu, Jingyu Yan, Weijia Zhou, Zhimou Guo*, Jianhua Zhu, Xinmiao Liang. Synthesis and chromatographic evaluation of phenyl/tetrazole bonded stationary phase based on thiol-epoxy ring opening reaction. Journal of Separation Science, 41, 856-867, 2018.

2. Gaowa Jin, Dongping Yu, Zhimou Guo*, Duo Yang, Hongtao Zhang, Aijin Shen, Jingyu Yan, Xinmiao Liang. Preparation of glycol-silica materials via thiol-ene click chemistry for adsorption and separation. RSC Advances, 6, 8584-8587, 2016.

3. Gaowa Jin, Zhimou Guo*, Yuansheng Xiao, Jingyu Yan, Xuefang Dong, Aijin Shen, Chaoran Wang, Xinmiao Liang. A practical method for definition of chromatographic peak parameters in preparative liiquid chromatography. Journal of Swparation Science, 39, 3917-3926, 2016.

4. Jingyu Yan, Junjie Ding, Gaowa Jin, Dongping Yu, Long Yu, Zhen Long, Zhimou Guo, Wengang Chai*, Xinmiao Liang*. Profiling of sialylated oligosaccharides in mammalian milk using online solid phase extraction-hydrophilic interaction chromatography coupled with negative-ion electrospray mass spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry. 90, 3174-3182, 2018.