Fuyi Wang  Ph.D.    Professor   Analytical Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology
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Research Areas

         Separation and Identification of Biological Macromolecules
         Design and Molecular basis for mechanism of action of anticancer complexes
         Mass Spectrometry


1983: B.Sc, Central China Normal University
1991: M.Sc. Central China Normal University
1999: Ph. D, Wuhan University


Work Experience

1991-1999: Lecturer / Associate Professor, Central China Normal University
2000-2006: Research Fellow, the University of Edinburgh (UK)
2007-: Professor, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Teaching Experience

2015 - , Advanced Instrumental Analysis for postgraduates

2016 -, Analytical Chemistry for undergraduates

Honors & Distinctions

The Royal Fellowship (1999), the Royal Society

The Hundred Talents Progam Professorship, CAS


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Research Projects

    1. NSFC General Project: Chemical Genetic Approach for Deciphering Mechanism of Action of Anticancer Metallodrugs.

    2. 973 Program Project: Investigation of Molecular Basis for Mechanism of Action of Chinese Traditional Medicines.

    3. NSFC Major Project: Development of Super-Resolution & Multi-mode Chemical Imaging System.

    4. NSFC Key Project: Methodology for Investigation of Interactions between Drug-damaged DNA and Proteins.

    5. NSFC Key International Cooperation Project: Methodology for Interactomic Studies of Anticancer Metallodrugs.

    6. NSFC General Project: Mass Spectrometric Studies on Interactions between Anticancer Metallogruds and Serum Proteins.



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