Caihong Xu   Ph.D.    Professor    Polymer Chemistry and Physics
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Research Areas

ØSilicon-based Polymers
ØPolymer Precursors for Advanced Ceramics
ØElemental Organic Functional Materials


1990: B.S., Changchun Geology College
1998: M.S., Shandong University
2001: Ph. D, Institute of Chemistry,
Chinese Academy of Sciences
2001.10-2002.3:  COE Postdoc, Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
2002.3-2004.12:  Researcher, Japan Science and Technology Agency


Work Experience
2005.5: Professor, Institute of Chemistry,
 Chinese Academy of Sciences



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·          Shigehiro Yamaguchi*, Caihong Xu, Kohei Tamao, “p-Conjugated organic material of polycyclic fused ring type, intermediate therefore, and process for producing p-conjugated organic material of polycyclic fused ring type”, WO 2004/018488 A1

·         Shigehiro Yamaguchi*, Caihong Xu, “p-Conjugated organic material of polycyclic fused ring type, intermediate therefore e, and process for producing p-conjugated organic material of polycyclic fused ring type, and process for producing intermediate for p-conjugated organic material of polycyclic fused ring type ”, WO 2005/044826 A1


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