Prof. Dr. Jianhui Zhang, born in Sichuan, China in 1963, is supervising a number of Ph.D. and M.Sc. students. His training started from Sichuan Agricultural University, including a B.Sc. degree in Soil Science (1982), a M.Sc. degree in Soil Physics from Chengdu Branch, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1986) and a Ph.D. degree in Soil Erosion (2002) from Chengdu University of Technology. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1996 and Professor in 2001.    

Research Areas

Soil erosion; Soil and water conservation; Soil physics


Prof.Dr. Zhang has had over 100 publications. Representive publications are below:



1. ​    Wang Y., Zhang J.H., Zhang Z.H., Jia L.Z., 2016. Impact of tillage erosion on water erosion in a hilly landscape. Science of the Total Environment. 551-552: 522-532.

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1. 1. A magnetic tracer method of measuring tillage erosion rates. Application date: 2009-7-14; Authorization No.: ZL 2009 1 0059976.5

2. 2. A hoe of preventing soil erosion by tillage. Application No.: 200720082771.5; Authorization No.: ZL 200720082771.5

Research Interests

 (1) Tillage erosion processes and impacts on soil biophysical processes in agricultural landcapes; (2) Soil-landscape processes and varibility in relation to soil erosion by tillage; (3) Soil erosion, carbon erosion and carbon dynamics on agricultural land.



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Honors & Distinctions

2014  2nd prize for scientific and technologic progress (Award-granting department: Sichuan Provincial Government). Adsorption mechanism of heavy metals by macro-fungi and its application.

2009  Outstanding contribution award of the western China’s scholars, CAS-Wang Kuanchen